Assassin's Charge

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Job Ability

  • Will triple your next attack.
  • Obtained: Thief Level 75
  • Recast Time: 5:00
  • Duration: 1:00 minute


  • Each additional merit point increases chance of a fourfold attack by 5%.
  • Stacks with Weapon Skill, but seems to only affect the first hit of it.
  • Stacks with Sneak Attack and Trick Attack in that all can be active at the same time, but only the first hit performs a Triple Attack.
  • This job ability turns your next melee attack into a Triple Attack, just as if the Thief job trait Triple Attack had triggered normally.
  • Usage of this ability will produce a small amount of enmity.

Macro Syntax

/ja "Assassin's Charge" <me>

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