Table of Contents
Zone Information
Area Name Bastok Markets
Type City
Map Acquisition Purchase
Miscellaneous None
Ffxi gld 01
Region Bastok
Expansion Final Fantasy XI
Requirements None
Restrictions None
Background music "The Republic of Bastok"
Monstrosity Not applicable
Notes None

The main thoroughfare of The Republic of Bastok, the markets is home to a wide number of shops, including the goldsmithing guild and the west Auction House (accessible just off of Firewater Circle). This is the center of town, and provides access to all of the other sections of Bastok.

Metalworks: H-6H-7

Port Bastok: G-3

Bastok Mines: H-13

South Gustaberg: D-11

Home Point #1: (F-9)
Home Point #2: (E-7)
Home Point #3: (I-6)
Home Point #4: (H-8)

Involved in Quests/Missions

Quest Type Starter Location
A Flash in the Pan General Aquillina    Bastok Markets K-9
A Proper Burial General Offa    Bastok Markets F-10
Achieving True Power Limit Break Shamarhaan    Bastok Markets F-9
All by Myself Escort Marin    Bastok Markets E-10
The Bare Bones Map Degenhard    Bastok Markets I-10
Breaking Stones General Horatius    Bastok Markets I-9
Brygid the Stylist General Brygid    Bastok Markets K-9
Brygid the Stylist Returns JSE Brygid    Bastok Markets K-9
Buckets of Gold General Foss    Bastok Markets F-7
Distant Loyalties General Femitte    Southern San d'Oria I-8
Father Figure General Michea    Bastok Markets F-10
Gourmet General Salimah    Bastok Markets K-9
Lure of the Wildcat (Bastok) General Alib-Mufalib    Port Bastok K-7
Mom, the Adventurer? General Nbu Latteh    Bastok Markets J-9
No Strings Attached Job: Puppetmaster Shamarhaan    Bastok Markets F-9
Picture Perfect Fellow Diederik    Selbina G-10
Rock Racketeer General Nanaa Mihgo    Windurst Woods J-3
The Signpost Marks the Spot General Nbu Latteh    Bastok Markets J-9
Stamp Hunt General Arawn    Bastok Markets J-10
The Cold Light of Day General Malene    Bastok Markets I-5
The Curse Collector General Zon-Fobun    Bastok Markets G-5
The Elvaan Goldsmith General Michea    Bastok Markets F-10
The Return of the Adventurer General Gwill    Bastok Markets E-11
Wish Upon a Star General Zacc    Bastok Markets J-10

Other Information

Fish Cap Body of Water
Moat Carp
11 Water Storage/South Side
Giant Catfish
Dark Bass
Black Eel
Gold Carp
Rusty Bucket
Rusty Leggings
Rusty Subligar
Copper Ring
7 Waterway/North Side
Moat Carp
Tricolored Carp
Dark Bass
Black Eel
Gold Carp
Rusty Bucket
Rusty Leggings
Rusty Subligar
Copper Ring
Fishing Map

NPCs Found Here

Name Location Type
Alert Gaze (H - 7) Adventurer's Assistant
Anguysh (I - 9) Adventurer's Assistant
Aquillina (K - 9) Quest Giver
Arawn (J - 10) Quest Giver
Ardea (H - 8) Quest NPC
Balthilda (F - 11) Merchant
Belizieg (E - 8) Item Deliverer
Big Harvest (H - 6)
Biggorf (H - 10)
Brunhilde (F - 10) Merchant
Brygid (K - 9) Quest Giver
Carmelide (I - 8) Merchant
Charging Chocobo (F - 10) Merchant
Ciqala (F - 10) Merchant
Cleades (D - 11) Mission Giver
Degenhard (I - 10) Quest Giver
Domhnall (K - 9)
Ellard (H - 8) Guildworker's Union Representative
Emrys (J - 10)
Enu (G - 9) Quest NPC
Epione (G - 8) Adventurer's Assistant
Fatimah (H - 8) Recipe Giver
Foss (F - 7) Quest Giver
Galienne (G - 8) Chocobo Racing Associate
Gulldago (D - 11) Tutorial NPC
Gwill (E - 11) Quest Giver
Harmodios (K - 10) Merchant
Hildith (I- 6) Room Renters
Horatius (I - 9) Quest Giver
Hortense (K - 10) Merchant
Julio (M - 9) Adventurer's Assistant
Karine (H - 9) Map Dealer
Ken (E - 10) Quest NPC
Khonzon (E - 9) Item Deliverer
Lame Deer (H - 10)
Lamepaue (I - 8) Past Event Watcher
Lavinia (E - 8)
Loulia (I - 7) Room Renters
Malene (I - 5) Quest Giver
Name Location Type
Marin (E - 10) Quest Giver
Michea (F - 10) Quest Giver
Mjoll (E - 11) Merchant
Nbu Latteh (J - 9) Quest Giver
Nudara (I - 8)
Offa (F - 10) Quest NPC
Oggodett (I - 9) Regional Merchant
Olwyn (E - 11) Merchant
Parnika (K - 10)
Pavel (E - 11) Quest NPC
Peritrage (F - 10) Merchant
Rabid Wolf, I.M. (E - 11)
Raghd (J - 8) Merchant
Red Canyon (H - 4)
Reet (G - 8) Adventurer's Assistant
Reinberta (I - 8) Guild Master
Rock Jaw (E - 8) Auction Manager
Rothais (L - 8)
Salimah (L - 8) Quest Giver
Samia (I - 10)
Shamarhaan (F - 9)
Sinon (H - 9) Armor Storer
Somn-Paemn (H - 9) Regional Merchant
Sororo (H - 5) Merchant
Svana (H - 10) Weather Checker
Tancredi (H - 6)
Tanguy (L - 8)
Teerth (H - 8) Merchant
Ulrike (H - 8) Recipe Giver
Umberto (L - 10) Quest NPC
Visala (H - 8) Merchant
Wulfnoth (H - 8) Recipe Giver
Yafafa (I - 5) Regional Merchant
Zacc (G - 9) Quest NPC
Zaira (H - 5) Merchant
Zhikkom (F - 10) Merchant
Zon-Fobun (G - 5) Quest Giver

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