Creates shadow images that each absorb a single attack directed at you.


Spell cost: 20 MP
Spell element: Wind
Magic skill: Enhancing Magic


Casting Time: 10 seconds
Recast Time: 10 seconds
Spell Duration: 5 minutes

Other Uses

Resale Price: ???~??? gil

How to Obtain

Auction House Category: Scrolls > White Magic ( )


Price: 2,097 - 2,423 gil
Name Location Type
Kususu Port Windurst (H-8) Standard Merchant
Regine Port San d'Oria (J-8) Standard Merchant
Sororo Bastok Markets (H-5) Standard Merchant
  • This spell scroll is not sold in the country that is 3rd place in conquest ranking.


Unlike Utsusemi, however, it is not guaranteed to block the first two attacks, but will take effect randomly, wearing off after the second shadow vanishes.

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