• Haldarn

    Transclusion of item data

    October 4, 2017 by Haldarn
    • Information being repeated on different, but linked pages leads to errors, omissions and outdated info.
    • Information that should be displayed in more than one place is often only displayed in one place, as editors can't necessarily be expected to update a single piece info across all pertinent pages.

    • We can use section wraps around data in a page, and then refer to that from another page or template in order that other pages are automatically populated with data from a single source.


    From this blog page, only using the phrase 'Beehive Chip', I am able to pull the item's pic, item id and base category, enabling me to create a working link to and the page itself in a useful format:

    Currently, this is part of my re-design of zone page…

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  • ToastTheKnowing

    Melee Hose -1
    Liminal Residue
    Treasury Gold
    Apkallu Feather
    Kobo Kote
    Indurated Gold
    Sea Bass Croute
    Wyvern Skull
    Virtue Stone Pouch
    Sleepga II
    Benedict Silk
    Brass Nugget
    High-Quality Phuabo Organ
    Soft-Boiled Egg
    Woodworking Kit 50
    Sheep Jerky
    Jody's Acid
    Bakka's Wing
    Lambent Fire Cell
    Bale Seal: Legs
    Gusgen Chest Key
    Aptant: Geoc
    Air Rider
    Divine Bolt Quiver
    Regen V
    Eschite Ore
    Seal of Byakko
    Goblin Chocolate
    Gilded Chest
    Enaero II
    Green Drop
    Silver Sheet
    Angel's Earring
    White Puppet Turban
    Tarutaru Stool
    Yellow Tarutaru Screen
    Poison Potion
    Aptant: Aecus
    Davoi Coffer Key
    Grunfeld Rope
    Wamoura Hair
    Moblin Sheep Leather
    Breeze Sachet
    Personal Table
    Adventurer Coupon
    San d'Orian Tea Set
    Flapano's Paella

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  • ToastTheKnowing

    Falsiam Vase
    Gilded Chest
    Wyvern Wing
    Rancor Flame
    Snow Lily
    Warding Oil
    Whine Cellar Key
    Ham and Cheese Crepe
    Water Card Case
    Ferine Seal: Feet
    Rancor Flame
    Royal Omelette
    Alchemy Kit 55
    Bard's Slippers -1
    Tension Spring IV
    Flint Stone
    Gnarled Taurus Horn
    Bamboo Shoots
    Copper Frog
    Coral Horn
    Mythril Coil
    Forefront Lance
    Roast Carp
    Speedloader II
    Copper Frog
    Paragon Red Mage Card
    Thunder Card
    Ash Lumber
    Aluminum Ore
    Belladonna Sap
    Iron Nugget
    Plateau Chestnut
    Divine Log
    Sea Spray Risotto
    Cura II
    Ten of Batons (Card)
    Wyrm Greaves -1
    Netherfield Chain
    Mannequin Hands
    Moblin Sheep Wool
    Boiled Crayfish
    Ash Lumber
    Lightning Ore
    Beadeaux Chest Key
    Wisdom Soup
    Fiend Blood
    Torrent Crystal
    Sleep Quiver
    Bewitched Ash Lumber
    Horn Quiver

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  • ToastTheKnowing

    Forest Carp
    Orange Juice
    Snoll Gelato
    Hyper Ether
    Rainbow Powder
    Corsair Die
    Orange Snow Cone
    Antlion Quiver
    Giant Fish Bones
    Iyo Scale
    Khimaira Horn
    Chocobo Blinkers
    Etoile Casaque -1
    Molt Scraps
    Aqua Geode
    Arcanic Cell II
    Warrior's Mufflers -1
    Water Bead
    Oberon Bullet Pouch
    Ojo Rice Ball
    Cypress Log
    Black Hobby Bo
    Copper Ore
    Balarama Grip
    Ram Leather Missive
    Sundries Stand
    Pea Soup
    Regurgitated Wing
    Myrtle Desk
    Faerie Apple
    Elshimo Frog
    Behemoth Leather
    Rodent Cheese
    Qutrub Bandage
    Bugard Tusk
    High-Quality Pugil Scale
    Lambent Earth Cell
    Umbrage Plans
    Exorcism Treatise
    Revive Feather
    Ether Leather
    Iron Quiver
    Curaga IV
    Enaero II
    Reign Grip
    Wolf Fur
    Sticky Rice
    Detonation Sphere
    Holly Log
    Enthunder II
    Cyan Orb
    Fish and Chips
    Water Bead
    Prize Angler Stewpot

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  • IBHalliwell

    Not sure why creating this blog entry also published it (and empty, too, but I'll edit it).

    My first attempt failed, as I ran out of time. The documentation for the run is in Talk:Saved by the Bell and I look forward to everyone / anyone's helpful comments / suggestions. Thanks :)

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  • ToastTheKnowing

    Cupid Worm
    Broken Yew Rod
    Curry Powder
    Tentacle Sushi +1
    Bone Quiver
    Blind Bolt Quiver
    Angel Skin
    Bronze Bolt Quiver
    Wooden Hakutaku Eye
    Platinum Chain
    Philidor Mantle
    Granulated Sugar
    Vivid Strap
    Rainbow Velvet
    Stellar Fragment
    Snowdrift Arbor Tincture
    Red Curry Bun
    Tolba's Shell
    Paktong Letterbox
    Horde Lullaby II
    Glacier Crystal
    Hi-Potion +2
    Green Textile Dye
    Cotton Coin Purse
    Celadon Yggrete Rock
    Neptunal Abjuration: Legs
    Lancer's Seal: Head
    Lauan Log
    Black Pepper
    Valor Minuet
    Plate Belt
    Goldsmithing Kit 10
    Snobby Letter
    Holly Lumber
    Fourth Virtue
    Sleeping Potion
    Foe Requiem VII
    Lamian Claw Key

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  • ToastTheKnowing

    Paragon Scholar Card
    Water Lily
    Navarch's Seal: Body
    Kindred's Seal
    Cure II
    Spirit Masque
    Fly Lure
    Ic Pilav
    Bronze Bullet Pouch
    Lethe Consomme
    Frayed Sack (D)
    Gravewood Log
    Super Ether +3
    Golden Seed Pouch
    Bambrox's Shawl
    White Tarutaru Standing Screen
    Earthen Abjuration: Hands
    Martial Abjuration: Hands
    Lancer's Seal: Feet
    Platinum Ore
    Red Drop
    Akaso Thread
    Lacquer Tree Sap
    Karni Yarik +1
    Royal Bookshelf
    Celadon Yggzi Bead II
    Ornament Case
    Goblin Rope
    Grain Seeds
    Blind Bolt Quiver
    Revive Feather
    Tonberry Rattle
    Broken Halcyon Rod
    Moblin Mask
    Petrified Log
    Smithing Kit 5
    Blackened Toad
    Bullet Pouch
    Porcelain Flowerpot

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  • ToastTheKnowing

    Dried Bonito
    Firaga III
    Ram Leather
    Leaftip Stone
    Toolbag (Uchi)
    Bomb Queen Ash
    Celadon Yggzi Bead II
    Melon Pie
    Nibiru Faussar
    Akvan's Pennon
    Ram Leather
    Corsair Die
    Cooking Kit 95
    Eastern Paper
    Phlox Yggzi Bead V
    Goblin Gunpowder
    Engraved Key
    Lindwurm Skin
    Sokolski Mantle
    Behemoth Hide
    Aquilaria Log
    Imperial Coffee +1
    Apple Pie
    Saruta Cotton
    Snarled Goad
    Zinc Ore
    Wool Cloth
    Ice Wyvern Scale
    Velkk Mask
    Fire Lamp
    Hide Stretcher
    Black Chocobo Fletchings
    Goblin Helm
    High-Quality Aern Organ
    Navarch's Seal: Hands
    Cursed Dalmatica
    Red Hobby Bo
    Kishar Ring

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  • ToastTheKnowing

    Charis Seal: Legs
    Boyahda Moss
    Rala Visage II
    Iron Sheet
    Martial Tatter
    Paragon Black Mage Card
    Platinum Beastcoin
    Porxie Quiver
    Hi-Potion +1
    Uragnite Shell
    Wool Cloth
    Odious Horn
    Night Queen
    Snowslit Stone +2
    Light Chest
    Woodworking Kit 15
    Mahogany Bed
    Toolbag (Shinobi-Tabi)
    X-Potion +3
    Smilodon Hide
    Martial Abjuration: Head
    Arrowwood Log
    Khimaira Mane
    Foe Lullaby II
    Mana Booster
    Red Jar
    Zaffre Yggzi Bead III
    Paragon Rune Fencer Card
    Ammurapi Shield
    Blinding Potion
    Walnut Log
    Prism Powder
    Mock Hare
    Martial Abjuration: Body
    Dried Date
    Darksteel Chain
    Sealord Leather
    Tentacle Sushi +1
    Kazham Pineapple
    Scop's Operetta
    Sage Etude
    Goblin Stir-Fry
    Saotome Sune-Ate -1
    Enblizzard II

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  • ToastTheKnowing

    Dried Mugwort
    Candle Holder
    Ether Cotton
    Instant Retrace
    Silver Ore
    Tumult Curator's Blood
    Bream Sushi +1
    Clothcrafting Kit 50
    Marid Tusk
    Goblin Weel
    Immutable Boulder Tincture
    Alizarin Yggrete Shard II
    Two of Swords (Card)
    Attestation of Legerity
    Chocobo Bedding
    Yagudo Fletchings
    Bamboo Flower Basket
    Rain Lily
    High-Quality Eft Skin
    Darraigner's Brais
    Saruta Cotton
    Squirrel's Delight
    Workshop Anvil
    Heavenly Goad
    Cooking Kit 40
    Knight's Minne II
    Brass Flowerpot
    Blue Rivet
    White Tarutaru Desk
    Turbo Charger II
    Bird Feather
    Apkallu Feather
    Blind Bolt Quiver

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