• ToastTheKnowing

    Charis Seal: Legs
    Boyahda Moss
    Rala Visage II
    Iron Sheet
    Martial Tatter
    Paragon Black Mage Card
    Platinum Beastcoin
    Porxie Quiver
    Hi-Potion +1
    Uragnite Shell
    Wool Cloth
    Odious Horn
    Night Queen
    Snowslit Stone +2
    Light Chest
    Woodworking Kit 15
    Mahogany Bed
    Toolbag (Shinobi-Tabi)
    X-Potion +3
    Smilodon Hide
    Martial Abjuration: Head
    Arrowwood Log
    Khimaira Mane
    Foe Lullaby II
    Mana Booster
    Red Jar
    Zaffre Yggzi Bead III
    Paragon Rune Fencer Card
    Ammurapi Shield
    Blinding Potion
    Walnut Log
    Prism Powder
    Mock Hare
    Martial Abjuration: Body
    Dried Date
    Darksteel Chain
    Sealord Leather
    Tentacle Sushi +1
    Kazham Pineapple
    Scop's Operetta
    Sage Etude
    Goblin Stir-Fry
    Saotome Sune-Ate -1
    Enblizzard II

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  • ToastTheKnowing

    Dried Mugwort
    Candle Holder
    Ether Cotton
    Instant Retrace
    Silver Ore
    Tumult Curator's Blood
    Bream Sushi +1
    Clothcrafting Kit 50
    Marid Tusk
    Goblin Weel
    Immutable Boulder Tincture
    Alizarin Yggrete Shard II
    Two of Swords (Card)
    Attestation of Legerity
    Chocobo Bedding
    Yagudo Fletchings
    Bamboo Flower Basket
    Rain Lily
    High-Quality Eft Skin
    Darraigner's Brais
    Saruta Cotton
    Squirrel's Delight
    Workshop Anvil
    Heavenly Goad
    Cooking Kit 40
    Knight's Minne II
    Brass Flowerpot
    Blue Rivet
    White Tarutaru Desk
    Turbo Charger II
    Bird Feather
    Apkallu Feather
    Blind Bolt Quiver

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  • ToastTheKnowing

    Kukulkan's Fang
    Brown Doeskin
    Light Crystal
    Chronos Tooth
    Ic Pilav
    Dark Card Case
    Yellow Ginseng
    Cyclical Coalescence
    Frayed Sack (Pel)
    Copper Nugget
    Demon Pen
    Diabolic Yarn
    Fortified Ring
    Penitent's Rope
    Valorous Image
    Chocobo Bedding
    Lightning Cluster
    Plovid Effluvium
    Pumpkin Pie
    Mystic Fragment
    Kuftal Coffer Key
    Davoi Chest Key
    Eldieme Chest Key
    Hardened Raptor Skin
    Frayed Arrow
    Manji Shuriken Pouch
    Salted Hare
    Armed Gears' Fragment
    Crimson Jelly
    Sleeping Potion
    Tonberry Coat
    Wyrmal Abjuration: Head
    Frayed Pouch (B)
    Three of Swords (Card)
    Steel Nugget
    Mamook Tanscale Key
    Scope III

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  • ToastTheKnowing

    Moorish Idol
    Djinn Ash
    Vitality Potion
    Silver Bullet Pouch
    Mildewy Ingot
    Simian Horn
    Cactus Stems
    Iron Bullet Pouch
    Blue 6-Drawer Almirah
    Paralysis Arrowheads
    Deae Gratia
    Mana Jammer III
    Mushroom Risotto
    Cursed Leggings
    Ice Lamp
    Pirate's Chart
    Noble's Bed
    Namru's Crackows
    Tavnazian Goby
    Holly Log
    Brass Ingot
    Toolbag (makibishi)
    Meat Chiefkabob
    Kunwu Iron
    Ethereal Incense
    Magical Linen Cloth
    Snoworb Stone +1
    Dark Fewell
    Dhalmel Stew
    Personal Table
    Prosperity Tincture
    Nopales Salad
    Holy Goad
    Scarlet Linen
    Malboro Fiber
    Enstone II
    Soy Stock
    Radiant Memory

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  • ToastTheKnowing

    Togakushi shuriken pouch

    Iron Quiver
    Raaz Quiver
    Stone Quiver
    Bullet Pouch

    Nightmare Roast
    Fiendish Tome: Chapter 30
    Runaeic Fragment
    Mystic Fragment

    Caller's Seal: Head
    Estoqueur's Seal: Body
    Exorcised Skull

    Horo Flour
    Troll Pauldron
    Blue Peas
    Beetle Shell
    Dogwood Lumber
    Ether Leather
    Brass Ingot
    Silver Leaf
    Gold Ingot
    Troll Bronze Sheet

    Salmon Sub

    Shock Spikes

    Genbu Scrap
    Brass Canteen
    Green 9-Drawer Almirah
    Blue Chip
    Spriggan Spark
    Abdhaljs's Honor
    Green Mariner's Bed
    Soul Spectacles
    Phanauet Newt

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  • IBHalliwell


    I'm now able to flag the Saved by the Bell quest (it is the one for the Geomancer Ergon weapon Idris) and am wondering about the fight. I'd appreciate any / all advice on doing it. Yes, I read up on the fight in both and, but neither give (IMHO) good advice in winning the fight.

    I know I have to kill 25 (or so) Luopans using their magic weakness (and without a subjob - sounds a lot like a level 75 Maat fight). My thought is to come geared as a BLM (Reisenjima gear & weapon) plus various ethers. What do you think? How can I win is the bottom line? If you did it, how did you win?

    Thanks! :)

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  • ToastTheKnowing

    Riftcinder is the big get this week. Leathercraft Kit 79 is weird and after some digging, looks largely useless? Why would this item exist?

    Dynamis Items

    • One Hundred Byne Bill
    • Nightmare Blood

    Synthesis Materials

    • Pelt of Dawon
    • Moblumin Sheet
    • Zephyr Thread
    • Abdhaljs's Honor
    • Siren's Hair
    • Griffon Hide
    • Leathercraft Kit 79
    • Urunday Lumber
    • Leathercraft Kit 10
    • Giant Bird Plume
    • Wailing Ram Horn
    • Angel Skin Orb
    • 2 Brass Tank


    • Dryadic Abjuration: Legs

    Lv. 99 Equipment

    • Mindmelter


    • Chai +1
    • Galkan Sausage +3
    • Soy Ramen Soup
    • Batagreen Saute
    • Zaru Soba +1
    • Black Bread
    • Rolanberry Daifuku

    Old World Equipment

    • Hume Fishing Rod


    • Avenger's Die
    • Fire Threnody


    • Winged Balance
    • Lines and Space
    • Candle Holder


    • Sickle
    • Aptant: Tachus
    • Riftcinder
    • Cursed Celata
    • Giddeus Chest Key …
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  • ToastTheKnowing

    Small sample size and everything but here's the breakdown so far:

    Dial Key #ANV results

    • Maskirova Torque
    • Assuage Earring
    • Supershear Ring
    • Psycloth Vest

    • Bailathorn

    • Corvine Abjuration: Body
    • Corvine Abjuration: Legs

    • Cleric's Pantaloons -1
    • Assassin's Poulaines -1
    • Undying Moiety
    • Demoniac Fragment

    • Colibri Feather
    • Shining Cloth
    • Alchemy Kit 25
    • Snowsteel
    • Auric Sand
    • Grass Thread
    • Ahriman Tears
    • Flint Caviar
    • Moonlight Coral
    • Peiste Skin
    • Ram Skin
    • Earth Fewell
    • Moblumin Ingot

    • White Drop
    • Hi-Potion Drop
    • Hedgehog Pie

    • Raise III
    • Absorb-MND
    • Esuna
    • Protect II

    • Paragon Thief Card
    • Soshi
    • Fetich Legs
    • Decanter: Arciela II
    • Yellow Chip
    • Trump Card
    • Pectin
    • Gnat Pellets
    • Three of Swords

    So this appears to largely function as a Dial Key SP, but at this sample size I can't draw any reasonable conclusion on whether or not…

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  • Nicoleska

    What in the

    July 5, 2017 by Nicoleska

    Today was a weird day, in FFXI.

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  • IBHalliwell

    For us, it stated in the year 944 C.E.. I was 16 and Goblins over ran my family's Chocobo farm killing everyone, except myself and the Son (also 16) of our foreman. Our Dads ordered us to run for our lives to Bastok and we did, except to look back at the farm before going over wall of the valley. We saw our houses / our homes burning and our livestock being slaughtered for a feast. The adults were all gutted and hung up as trophies.

    Fearing they might see us (now I know Goblins have poor eyesight compared to an adventurer race), we ran as quickly as we could to Bastok using the Port Bastok entrance. We wanted to report what happened, but instead got asked a bunch of questions, such as:

    First time in Bastok? Yup. Our Dads came to Basto…

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