Abbreviation: CHR

Charisma is a stat that helps determine the effectiveness of:

  • Reduces Light Maneuver burden if master CHR is higher than automaton CHR.

This stat is associated with the Light element.

Breakdown of Level 1 and 75 Charisma Stats by Race and Job Sorted Highest to Lowest

Based off Beastmaster Charisma score

Elvaan: 8 ; 63

Hume: 8 ; 63

Tarutaru: 8 ; 63

Galka: 7 ; 57

Mithra: 7 ; 57

Level 1 stats taken from FFXI official strategy guide, spring 2004 version.
Level 75 stats gathered from and do not include stat bonuses from sub jobs

CHR Rankings Based on Job

1. Beastmaster
2. Bard, Dancer, Summoner
5. Dragoon, Paladin, Puppetmaster, Scholar, White Mage
10. Black Mage, Blue Mage, Red Mage, Samurai
14. Corsair, Monk, Ranger, Warrior
18. Ninja, Rune Fencer
20. Dark Knight, Thief

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