Carols are songs sung by a Bard to increase the resistance to elemental spells.

36: Light Carol
38: Earth Carol
40: Water Carol
42: Wind Carol
44: Fire Carol
46: Ice Carol
48: Lightning Carol
50: Dark Carol
81: Earth Carol II
84: Water Carol II
87: Wind Carol II
90: Fire Carol II


Tier I carols are capped at +40 resistance. Each +1 on an instrument adds +5 resistance for a total of +50. On subjob BRD, Singing Skill is capped at 128, for Information resistance.

Tier II carols are capped at +Information resistance, and occassionally nullify magic damage of that element entirely.

  • A bug with the Set bonus (Set: Augments Songs) on Aoidos' Attire +2 Set caused 100% nullify magic to occur. This has since been corrected.

Instruments that Enhance this Song

Name Lvl Effects
Crumhorn 56 Carol +1
Crumhorn +1 56 Carol +2
Crumhorn +2 56 Intelligence +1, Carol +2
Millennium Horn RareExclusive 75 In Dynamis: CHR +3, All Songs +2
Gjallarhorn RareExclusive 75 CHR +4, All Songs +2, Singing Skill +10, Wind Instrument Skill +10

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