Ambuscade is a instanced dungeon battlefield in which players team up against the monster-of-the-month.

Getting Started

First, activate the Records of Eminence quest Stepping into an ambuscade, then talk to Gorpa-Masorpa in Mhaura at (G-9). To enter any Ambuscade battlefield all players in the party will need a Key Item; there are two different Key items to obtain: Primer Volume One and Primer Volume Two. Which Key Item you will need depends on what battlefield you wish to enter. Please note that it is possible to obtain and hold both Key items at the same time. Key Items are also not reset after the monthly update so if you still had a Key Item when the update hit, you will still have it at the start of the new Ambuscade content.

Obtaining Key Items

You obtain the Key Items with Records of Eminence quests. There are two different quests per Key Item to activate: a non-repeatable daily quest, and a repeatable quest. The daily quests requires you to kill one specific monster, the repeatable quest requires you to kill 10. The type of monster to be killed varies each month and Primer Volume One and Primer Volume Two require different monsters to be killed.

Take a number, get in line

Once everyone in the party has the Primer key items, the party leader then registers the party. There are five difficulty levels to choose from and two possible battlefields known as "Intense" (Primer Volume One) and "Regular" (Primer Volume Two). When your turn comes up, the party members in the zone are warped to the battlefield. Note: A successful fight causes the key item to be used up, but a loss will not.


The are two forms of currency won from Ambuscade, Hallmarks and Gallantry. The amount rewarded is based on difficulty level and type of battlefield. These are used to purchase various items including Ambuscade Armor.

During each version update the following changes to Ambuscade occur.

  • Any remaining Hallmarks are lost
  • Any remaining Gallantry are lost
  • Total Hallmarks are reset to 0
  • Available items are reset
  • Ambuscade Voucher Armor may rotate to a different set Salvage Armor Variants or Nyzul Isle Assault and Limbus Armor Variants


Hallmarks can be used to purchase items from Gorpa-Masorpa. A normal quality set can be purchased for 2260 Hallmarks. Only one set can be purchased this way.

Ambuscade Voucher: Feet 100 HM
Ambuscade Voucher: Hands 200 HM
Ambuscade Voucher: Head 360 HM
Ambuscade Voucher: Legs 600 HM
Ambuscade Voucher: Body 1000 HM

Total Hallmarks

A running tally of Hallmarks grant access to a set of rewards. These rewards are provided after you have accumulated the specific amount and you can request the item from Gorpa-Masorpa. Total Hallmarks are not spent.

Normal Quality

Ambuscade Voucher: Feet 130 HM
Ambuscade Voucher: Hands 220 HM
Ambuscade Voucher: Head 370 HM
Ambuscade Voucher: Legs 620 HM
Ambuscade Voucher: Body 1050 HM

High Quality

Ambuscade Voucher: Feet +1 1800 HM
Ambuscade Voucher: Hands +1 3000 HM
Ambuscade Voucher: Head +1 5000 HM
Ambuscade Voucher: Legs +1 8500 HM
Ambuscade Voucher: Body +1 14500 HM


Gallantry can be used to purchase items from Gorpa-Masorpa. Gallantry is only gained while in a party of 1 or more other players. Trusts and Adventuring Fellows DO NOT count. A high quality set can be purchased for 16000 Gallantry.

Ambuscade Voucher: Feet +1 1000 GA
Ambuscade Voucher: Hands +1 1500 GA
Ambuscade Voucher: Head +1 2500 GA
Ambuscade Voucher: Legs +1 4000 GA
Ambuscade Voucher: Body +1 7000 GA