There are a variety of text commands that one can use ingame to perform certain tasks. These are all preceded by a "/" and are typed into the text box like dialogue. The various different type of text commands can be broken down into a few categories.


An emote is a command used by the player to express emotion and add a little flavor to his/her dialogue. There are two types of emotes.

  1. Built-in emote commands, such as smile or salute.
    Typing in a built-in emote with the word "motion" after it will perform the emote without putting text into the chat log.
    Typing a built-in emote with the word "text" after it will display the text in the chat log without performing the motion.
  2. Typing /em followed by text will do a custom emote without animation.
    Example: /em points at a large bird in the sky.
    You would see this: <Name> points at a large bird in the sky.
/amazed /angry /bell (/bellsw) /blush /bow /cheer /clap /comfort /cry /dance
/dance1 /dance2 /dance3 /dance4 /disgusted /doubt /doze /farewell /fume /goodbye
/grin /huh /hurray /joy /jump /kneel /laugh /muted /no /nod
/panic /point /poke /praise /psych /salute /shocked /sigh /sit /slap
/smile /stagger /stare /sulk /surprised /think /toss /upset /wave /welcome

Job-Specific Emotes

Job-specific emotes were made available with the December 06, 2010 update. In order to use these emotes, you must undertake a Trial of the Magians from one of the Magian Moogles in Ru'Lude Gardens (H-5). Once the respective trial is completed, the job-specific emote can be performed using the /jobemote command.

  • Items can be collected before or during the undertaking of the quest.
  • You do not need to be on the job in question to undertake or complete the quest for that job-specific emote.

Note: The "motion" keyword does not work with /jobemote. Typing in /jobemote with the word "motion" after it will still perform the emote, but unlike with the other "/emote motion" commands, it will still display the normal chat log text associated with that emote.

For specifics on unlocking each job emote, refer to the Trial of the Magians: Emote Trial Categories.

Further Reading

Party and Linkshell Commands

Party commands are used to create and manage parties, Alliances and Linkshells.

/alliancecmd /autogroup /breaklinkshell /decline /invite /join
/linkshell /lsmes /makelinkshell /party /partycmd /partyinfo showtp

Gameplay Commands

Gameplay commands are used for a variety of gameplay related activities.

Fighting and Movement Commands

A subset of the gameplay commands used for fighting and moving around Vana'diel.

/assist /attack /attackoff /automove /autotarget /battlebgm /blockaid /blockhelp /ignorepet
/equip /equipset /heal /help /jobability /lockon /magic /ninjutsu /pet
/random /recast /shoot /song /target /targetnpc /targetpc /wait
/weaponskill /range /follow

Conflict Commands

A subset of the gameplay commands used for only during Ballista and/or Brenner.

/quarry /scout /sprint /targetopp /throw

Storage and Map Commands

A subset of the gameplay commands used to view your storage options and Vana'diel maps.

/bank /besiegemap /deliverybox /item /itemsearch /keyitem /layout
/locker /mailbox /map /mission /quest /regionmap /campaignmap
/storage /satchel /sack /case /colonizationmap /sendpost

Hobby Commands

A subset of the gameplay commands used for various hobbies such as chocobo digging and fishing.

/dig /fish /garden /dismount  

Player Interaction Commands

Player Interaction commands are used to find, talk or otherwise interact with other players.

/anon /away /blacklist /befriend /chatmode /check /checkparam /echo /friendlist /hide /mentor
/nominate /online /propose /say /seacom /seacomup /search /shout /tell /vote

System Commands

System commands are used to check system status, obtain help, exit the game, etc.

/? /clock /emote /helpdesk /localsettings /logout /names
/macro /playtime /servmes /shutdown /supportdesk /translate /timestamp /ver
/displayhead /lockstyle /itemsearch /bstpet /hidetrust /retr all

Unknown Commands

These are commands which need to be categorized.


This command has been removed from game.

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