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Records of Eminence are a set of quest objectives with similar rewards. A maximum of 15 objectives may be active at one time, in addition to one time-specific challenge that is available during specified time frames throughout the day (which does not count towards the maximum 15 objectives active). From the Quests menu, you may select up to 15 objectives to complete, which you may change at any time based on your playstyle and goals for that day. Completing these objectives rewards you with Sparks of Eminence.

The objectives range from defeating enemies to gathering items, with some requiring only a single success and others that take a bit longer. Completing an objective rewards you with not only experience points and sparks of eminence, but sometimes an item as well. Additionally, clearing time-limited challenges awards you with a Copper A.M.A.N. Voucher, which can be exchanged for items used in reforging Mythic Weapons, Relic Weapons, and Empyrean Weapons.


Types of Objectives

There are as of 5/29/15, 846 total objectives spread across 10 categories. Refer to the following pages for the objectives in each category. Note that initial completion rewards 3 times the sparks.


The following quests are tied to Records of Eminence objectives. Each one requires a specific number of objectives completed in order to activate. Only objectives that are always available are counted towards this number, and excludes unity, limited-time, and daily challenges. Most require talking to Nantoto in Lower Jeuno for start and completion.


You can trade sparks of eminence to certain NPCs for various items, including weapons that can be used for leveling up to level 50, Item Level 117 equipment, items that boost combat and magic skills, items that can be used to reforge artifact equipment, and more.

Spark Exchange

First Completion

Exchange Copper Voucher

Exchange is now separated into 2 areas: Currencies and Provisions.

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