Start NPC Brutus - Upper Jeuno (G-7)
Requirements Level 20+
Items Needed Gausebit Grass x4
Title Granted Chocobo Trainer
Repeatable No
Reward KeyItemChocobo License
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None Save My Son

Preliminary Notes


After February 2015 Update, the wait time is now 1 minute instead of day change.

  • Talk to Brutus to start the quest, and answer his two questions.
  • Trade a clump of Gausebit Grass to the chocobo that's next to the child Osker.
    • The chocobo will not accept the grass at this time.
      • Chocobo: Kweh!! - Kweh... - (He still looks terrified of you.)
  • Come back on another game day minute and try to feed it again.
    • Again, the chocobo will not accept the grass.
      • Chocobo: Kweh... - (He still looks a little wary of you.)
  • Come back on a third game day minute and feed it.
    • The chocobo will now accept the grass, so your Gausebit Grass will go from 4 to 3.
      • Chocobo! Kweh! - (He seems to be confortable with you.)
      • Chocobo! Kweh! - (He's eating joyfully.)
      • Chocobo! Kweh! - Osker: Looks like he's used to you. He's not scared at all anymore.
      • Osker: Well, looks like he's used to you now.
  • Successfully feed it three more times (once per game day minute) to complete the quest.
    • Optional: There is an optional cutscene with Dietmund in Lower Jeuno that can be viewed after seeing him in the quest storyline after the third feeding, but before you get your chocobo license.
    • You are not required to give the Gausebit Grass to the Chocobo in successive days. You can wait any number of days between feedings.

Note: Trade each time. Simply clicking the chocobo does not work.

Tip: If you're hard up for Gil, Gausebit Grass can be easily farmed from Crane Fly in Meriphataud Mountains, as they have a 42% chance to drop the grass per kill.

Game Description

Brutus (Chocobo Stables, Upper Jeuno)
Help nurse the chocobo back to health. It seems to have suffered both mentally and physically. Gausebit wildgrass may do the trick.

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