Start NPC Kuoh Rhel Abyssea - Grauberg
Items Needed Grauberg Greens
Woozyshroom x10
Title Granted None
Repeatable Yes, after zoning
Reward KeyItemIndigo Abyssite of Confluence

Philosopher's Stone (repeat with Woozyshroom) (???%)
400 Cruor (first completion with Grauberg Greens)
200 Cruor (repeat with Grauberg Greens)
Possibly one of the following:(???%)
Orison Seal: Hands
Bale Seal: Hands
Aoidos' Seal: Hands
Raider's Seal: Hands


To obtain cruor and seals (Repeatable)

To obtain KeyItemIndigo Abyssite of Confluence (Not Repeatable)

Game Description

Kuoh Rhel Abyssea - Grauberg
Kuoh Rhel's pack chocobo refuses to eat anything she feeds it, and grows more sickly by the day. Is there nothing under this accursed red sky that would entice the creature?

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