This is the first Dark Knight Artifact Armor quest - otherwise known as AF1.
Start NPC Raibaht - Metalworks (G-8)
Requirements Dark Knight 40+
Items Needed KeyItemLetter from the Darksteel Forge
Yagudo Cherry x1 or 2 (A second cherry is only needed if you wish to receive optional dialogue from Quu Bokye)
KeyItem"Darksteel Formula"
Repeatable Yes, after AF is complete
Reward Raven Scythe
← Previous Quest Next Quest →
Blade of Darkness Dark Puppet


Giddeus NM


After this point, the rest of the quest can be completed on any job.

  • Do not drop down off the cliff after you exit the cave.

Kyokusa's Video Guide

A visual guide that will help you prepare for what is in store for you.

DRK AF1 NM Fight DEC 18 0804:13

DRK AF1 NM Fight DEC 18 08

Game Description

Raibaht (Cid's Lab, Metalworks)
You have been asked to find and bring back a book pertaining to the Galka's darksteel formula.

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