[[{{SUBST:Deadly Spider (A)}}|   ]]
[[{{SUBST:Deadly Spider (A)}}|   ]]
Deadly Spider A
Deadly Spider
Gender: Male
Race: Galka
Affiliation: Abyssea
[[{{SUBST:Deadly Spider (A)}}|   ]]
[[{{SUBST:Deadly Spider (A)}}|   ]]
Type: Goal Tracker
Location: Abyssea - Grauberg

Starts Quests:

Reports your progress towards finishing Abyssea - Grauberg's objectives.

Goals completed

  • Completing all quests: 8,000 Cruor.
  • Obtaining all Abyssite: 10,000 Cruor
  • Obtaining all Atma: 12,000 Cruor Exclamation

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