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<<Early Spring Battle Content Campaign (11/03/2017)>>

The following campaigns will be held starting on Saturday, 11 March at 8:00 a.m. (GMT).

Campaign period: Saturday, 11 March at 8:00 a.m. (GMT) to Friday, 31 March at 2:59 p.m. (GMT) / 3:59 p.m. (BST)

Read on for details.

Increased Seal and Crest Drop Rate Campaign

The rate at which seals and crests are dropped is increased based on the number of members in the party up to a maximum of six seals.

Campaign Festa

Campaign will undergo the following adjustments throughout the event.

  • Experience and allied notes earned from evaluations will be doubled.
  • The amount of spoils obtained from treasure chests when participating in unions will be increased.

Furthermore, earn special rewards, including montiont silverpieces, 100-byne bills, Lungo-Nango jadeshells, and more from the following four Campaign Ops, in addition to their normal spoils.

Skirmish Stone and Arcane Glyptics Campaign

Engraving the following items with arcane glyptics will yield better results than before

Wanted Dial Campaign

A new dial, the Wanted Dial, will be added to the Gobbie Mystery Box. This fresh addition can be spun once per day to receive one of the treasure coffers that drops from Wanted battle content. Additionally, the odds of the special dial yielding equipment will be boosted for the duration.

*Spinning the Wanted Dial does not cost any daily tally.
*45 days must have passed since character creation in order to use the Gobbie Mystery Box.

Skirmish Frenzy Campaign - PLUS!

Skirmishes will undergo the following changes during the campaign.

  • Personal treasure coffer ranks will increase much faster.
  • The spawn rate of yecuexes will be increased in Alluvion Skirmishes.
  • The spawn rate of Balamor's Adumbration will be increased in Skirmish - Yorcia Weald (U).
  • Vials of translurry will always be obtainable in Skirmish - Yorcia Weald (U).
  • Vials of transmelange are more likely to be obtained in Skirmish – Outer Ra'Kaznar (U).
  • The spawn rate of heartwings will be increased in Skirmishes in Yorcia Weald (U) and Outer Ra'Kaznar (U).

Voidwatch Campaign

All lights start at their maximum alignment values during the campaign.

*The above does not apply to Beguiling Radiance / Seductive Radiance / Maddening Radiance / Crystal Guardian

Chocobo Digging Skill Increase Campaign

Enjoy an increased chance for your chocobo digging skill to increase each time your chocobo digs.

Combat and Magic Skill Increase campaign

Combat skills will be more likely to increase while in combat for the duration. Additionally, magic skills will be more likely to increase when casting spells.

Microcosmic Orb Campaign

Vanquishing certain monsters in the following battlefields will occasionally reward players with job cards and a variety of other items. Shemo in Port Jeuno (H-8) will also trade crests at a rate of two-to-one.

Orb (Rate) Battlefield Entry Restrictions Monsters
Microcosmic Orb
(10x Sacred Kindred's Crest)
Horlais Peak ★Tails of Woe No level restrictions
Thirty-minute time limit
Six Person Party
Helltail Harry
Waughroon Shrine ★The Worm's Turn No level restrictions
Thirty-minute time limit
Six Person Party
Flayer Franz
Flesh Eater
Balga's Dais ★Steamed Sprouts No level restrictions
Thirty-minute time limit
Six Person Party
Qu'Bia Arena ★Factory Rejects No level restrictions
Thirty-minute time limit
Six Person Party
Generic Doll

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