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Experience Points from Level 1 to 37 to get that subjob leveled. This guide stops at 37, if you want to continue go to Experience Points: Guide for Levels 37-75. As of June 2010 update subjobs are now up to level 40 so this guide is somewhat outdated, as level cap increases to 99 it will become more outdated as a guide for leveling your subjob.

Solo Exp Level 1-10

Level Zone Mob(s) Position(s) Notes
1-6. Zeruhn Mines Bats
1-3 North Gustaberg
South Gustaberg
Ding Bats
Huge Hornet
Tunnel Worm
by town
1-3 West Ronfaure
East Ronfaure
Ding Bats
Tunnel Worm
Wild Rabbit
by town
1-3 East Sarutabaruta
West Sarutabaruta
Tiny Mandragora
Savanna Rarab
by town
4-7 King Ranperre's Tomb Ding Bats
Carrion Worm
Mouse Bat
Stone Eater
6-9 Ranguemont Pass Goblin Thug
Goblin Weaver
Blade Bat
Wind Bats
East Ronfaure zone Take special care if Oil Slick or any Cave Scorpion that pops out of place. Do not go past the door.
6-9 Dangruf Wadi Tier 1 Goblin
Stone Eater
Hoarder Hare
Wadi Crab
6-10 Ghelsba Outpost Tier 1 Orcs
Antidotes strongly recommended.
6-10 Palborough Mines Tier 1 Quadav
Pit Hare
first floor
6-10 Giddeus Tier 1 Yagudo
Giddeus Bee
Giddeus Pugil
north end
6-10 South Gustaberg Sheep
Tier 1 Goblin
7-10 Konschtat Highlands Rock Eater
Strolling Sapling
Huge Wasp
Echo drops for mages
7-10 La Theine Plateau Rock Eater Lake Echo drops for mages
7-10 King Ranperre's Tomb Tier 1 Goblin by first set of stairs Do not inspect ???
8-10 Tahrongi Canyon Mandragora
Strolling Sapling
Canyon Rarab
south end

Party XP Guide

Starting at level 10, it is recommended to get in a party, if possible. The list from here on out is NOT for solo play.

Camp Locations that contain a higher concentration of people have a light red background instead of a blue background. It is suggested to search the zones ahead of time to determine whether or not there is enough mobs for your party. Certain zones only handle 1 or 2 parties at most. <p>Note Working on trying to get the correct party level ranges for WoTG camps - the camp level range may list the mob's actual level range for duo/trio action. You may want to consider heading to the WoTG camp 3-4 levels below the level range given to test out the mobs. All WoTG camps have GREEN backgrounds.

Level 10s

Level Zone Mob(s) Position(s) Notes
10-12 Valkurm Dunes Hill Lizard
Night Bats
Sand Hare
Sand Bats
Konschtat zone
La Theine zone
Antidotes and echo drops strongly recommended. Supports 2 parties at Konschtat, 1 at La Theine.
10-15 Valkurm Dunes 12: Goblin Bounty Hunter
Sand Bats
Siren's Sands Beware of Bogy at nighttime, along with stronger Goblins. Supports 1 party. Most of the mobs will con T-VT with some IT.
10-12 King Ranperre's Tomb Rock Eater I-6 Silent oils and prism powders required to reach camp. Arrowburn/Manaburn Recommended. Mages must bring echo drops. Possible solo camp from 14-18. At least 1 mage must go /whm for Barstonra. Only supports one party or one solo.
10-12 Carpenters' Landing Beady Beetle
Poison Funguar
San d'Oria zone
Antidotes and echo drops strongly recommended. Enter from Northern San d'Oria. Only bats, bombs, elementals, and orcs aggro. Beware of Spore and funguar's breath attacks.
10-12 Buburimu Peninsula Mighty Rarab
Outpost Camp either behind outpost or just to the southeast.
11-13 Meriphataud Mountains Hill Lizard
Wandering Sapling
Tahrongi zone
Antidotes and echo drops strongly recommended.
11-13 Maze of Shakhrami Maze Maker Western side Arrowburn/manaburn recommended. Echo drops recommended.
11-13 Gusgen Mines Skeleton Warrior Konschtat zone Monk or manaburn party recommended.
11-17 North Gustaberg (S) Tunnel Worm
12: Walking Sapling
14: Vulture
G-9 through H-8 Mages must stay back from saplings.
11-14 Valkurm Dunes Hill Lizard D-6 Antidotes and echo drops strongly recommended. This camp is located near the higher level goblins. The lizards here are a much higher level than the ones near Konschtat. Camp supports only 1 party.
11-22 Korroloka Tunnel Seeker Bats
Greater Pugil
Huge Spider
Thread Leech
Sea Monk
center of main path This camp only works for a SMN Astral Burn party using Level Sync. Supports 2 parties.
12-15 Valkurm Dunes Snipper
Star Bat
Tier 2 Goblin
Goblin Bounty Hunter
Siren Sands
Whitebone Sands
Black mage recommended. Snippers starting at 13.
12-15 Carpenter's Landing Tier 2 Orc
Land Pugil
docks Antidotes and echo drops strongly recommended. WHM required. Flytrap has a very small range AOE sleep move, and potent paralyze move. Enter from Northern San d'Oria.
12-15 Jugner Forest Stag Beetle
Tier 2 Goblin
Tier 2 Orc
Batallia zone
Black mage strongly recommended.
14-17 Meriphataud Mountains Hill Lizard
Stag Beetle
Crane Fly
North-center of map
Black mage strongly recommended. Bring Echo Drops and Antidotes for the lizards. Use Page 1 and/or Page 2 of the Field Manual every game day if possible. There are several spots were no goblins spawn.
14-17 West Sarutabaruta (S) Crawler Southeast of the Maw Marksmanship user with acid bolts recommended. Antidotes recommended and all mages should go as /whm.
15-18 Valkurm Dunes Damselfly
Tier 3 Goblin
Gustav zone
Oils and powders required to reach Gustav zone. Do not camp on shoreline but just north of it.
15-18 Buburimu Peninsula Tier 3 Goblin
Bull Dhalmel
Eastern Shoreline
Air Elemental danger along Eastern Shoreline. Echo Drops strongly recommended.
15-18 Carpenter's Landing Stag Beetle
Marsh Funguar
Jugner zone Antidotes and echo drops strongly recommended. WHM required. Black Mage recommended. Use NW Jugner Forest zone. Oils required to reach camp.
16-19 Meriphataud Mountains Tier 3 Yagudo
Tier 3 Goblin
North-center part of map Fire elemental danger.
16-19 Inner Horutoto Ruins Tier 3 Goblin
Battle Bat
Magic Gate of Horutoto Oils and powders required to reach camp. Supports 2 parties. All of the mobs are aggressive.
17-20 Valkurm Dunes Beach Pugil
Goblin Bounty Hunter
Gustav Zone
Oils and powders required to reach Gustav zone. Use Goblins or Damselflies to fill in chains. 3 parties (1 at each beach). Since the 28 March 2007 patch, stay just north of the beaches to avoid the bounty hunters.
18-21 Batallia Downs Clipper
Stalking Sapling
south Eldieme zone
Beware of much stronger, aggressive mobs. Since the 28 March 2007 update, you will have to stay away from the shores due to goblins that now spawn there.
18-21 Castle Oztroja Tier 3 Yagudo
Bastion Bats
main zone Layout of the zone heavily favors a moving party. Everything aggros.
18-21 Beadeaux Tier 3 Quadav
Land Pugil
Pashhow zone All of the mobs aggro.
18-21 Rolanberry Fields Moon Bat
Berry Grub
Pashhow Zone Thief or Ranger with Acid Bolts recommended. Silent Oils required to reach Jeuno.
18-21 Sauromugue Champaign Hill Lizard
Moon Bat
Diving Beetle
Southeast part
Garlaige zone
Antidotes and echo drops strongly recommended for Lizards. Oils and powders required to reach camp. Only 1 party for Beetle spot.
18-21 Qufim Island Land Worm Lake Echo drops strongly recommended. Manaburn/arrowburn recommended. Banshee danger at night. Sneak required to reach camp (you may walk behind gigas without being detected), preferably in the form of oils. Supports 1 party. Since the 28 March 2007 FFXI update, a single goblin will make laps around the lake, you will have to stay closer to the walls to avoid that goblin.
19-22 Gusgen Mines Ghoul
Stairs Monk party recommended. WHM and BRD required. Silent Oils required.
19-22 Buburimu Peninsula Shoal Pugil
Goblin Bounty Hunter
Onzozo zone
Bibiki zone
Water Elemental and Bogy Danger.
19-22 Carpenters' Landing Tier 3 Orc
Forest Tiger
Center Landing Docks Oils and Powders recommended. Use NW Jugner forest zone.
19-22 Davoi Tier 3 Orc Jugner zone Bats that pop at night aggro.
19-22 Yughott Grotto Tier 3 Orc
Upper Grotto Oils and powders required to reach either Horlais Peak zoneline.

Level 20s

Level Zone Mob(s) Position(s) Notes
20-23 Outer Horutoto Ruins Ghoul Strange Apparatus Room Monk or manaburn party recommended. Sneak required to reach camp. Use northernmost West Sarutabaruta zone.
20-24 Sanctuary of Zi'Tah Tier 3 Goblin
Ancient Bat
Zone to Meriphataud Camp only supports 1 party, however, the southwest part of the zone is littered with gobs and bats. All of the mobs are aggressive. Highly recommended to bring a BLU or BRD to sleep bat pops (bats will not resist sheep song/lullaby). Beware of Rock Golem (magic sensitive and will destroy your party).
20-24 Batallia Downs Tier 3 Goblin
Tier 3 Orcs
Any zone towards Eldieme, preferably the 3 middle zones.
20-24 Qufim Island Clipper
Greater Pugil
Glow Bat
Ancient Bat
Delkfutt's zone
Pugil Alley
Behemoth's Dominion tunnel
Pugils and Gigas for the upper end of this level bracket.
20-24 Ranguemont Pass Tier 3 Goblin
Seeker Bats
Just north of door
Strongly recommended to bring someone to neutralize the Ooze located in between the goblin pops. Sneak required to reach H-10 camp.
20-24 Lower Delkfutt's Tower Gigas
Tier 3 Goblin
Ancient Bat
stairs between 1F and 2F
Qufim zone
Oils and powders required to reach the stairways.
20-24 Carpenters' Landing Diving Beetle
Caves Use SE Jugner Forest zone. Camp at either end of the caves. Shriekers aggro. 2 parties.
21-24 East Ronfaure (S) Scarab Beetle G-8/H-8 just below Cheval River. Black mage strongly recommended. Camp in a pixie pathway. (Correct level provided by camp testers.)
22-24 Maze of Shakhrami Ancient Bat
Buburimu zone Stay in the tunnels. Supports 1 party.
22-25 West Sarutabaruta (S) River Crab F-10/F-11 (coast) Supports 1 party.
23-26 Rolanberry Fields (S)
Sauromugue Champaign (S)
Lycopodium Outside Jeuno Mages must stay back. If in Rolanberry Fields (S), must watch out for an out-of-place Goobbue Farmer around the Rampart Gates. If in a arrowburn or daggerburn party, you may start this camp as early as Level 23.
23-29 Batallia Downs (S) Lycopodium
26: Clipper
26: Ba
Outside Jeuno (East of Rampart Gate) Mages must stay back. If in a arrowburn or daggerburn party, you may start this camp as early as Level 23. Clippers will require a party member that can use Acid Bolts to dispel its defense boost effect.
25-28??? Meriphataud Mountains (S) Lycopodium Northwest Mages must stay back. If in a arrowburn or daggerburn party, you may start this camp as early as Level 23. Beware of a Hound pop at night.
23-26 Ordelle's Caves Clipper
Goliath Beetle
Waterfall Clipper links. Take care of bomb. Use eastern La Theine zone. Sneak required to reach camp. Supports 1 party.
24-27 Korroloka Tunnel Clipper
Greater Pugil
North map Pugils aggro but do not link. Sneak required to reach camp. This spot is godly for BLM parties. --Overgryph 09:47, 20 July 2009 (UTC)
24-28 Yuhtunga Jungle Yuhtunga Mandragora
Goblin Furrier
Goblin Smithy
Melees should be at upper end of level range for goblins. Warp device and reraise earrings strongly recommended for Outpost camp.
25-28 Batallia Downs Tier 4 Goblin
Tier 4 Orcs
Sabertooth Tiger
Eldieme zones Melees should be at upper end of level range. Invisible required.
25-28 Rolanberry Fields Goblin south of Jeuno 1 party.
25-29 Carpenters' Landing Birdtrap
Sabertooth Tiger
South Landing docks
North end of cave.
Mages must /WHM. Seasonal Water Elemental danger at the docks. 2 parties.
26-30 Gusgen Mines Gallinipper Depths Sneak required to reach camp. Bring someone to clear path of Feu Follets.
27-30 Ranguemont Pass Stirge Beaucedine zone Sneak and Invisible required to reach camp. Beware of Floating Eye that may pop out of position. Bard recommended. Camp no longer good as of May 2011.
27-30 Eastern Altepa Desert Giant Spider Korroloka zone Melees should /nin. Ninja tank recommended. Mages should sub /whm.
27-30 Bibiki Bay Goblin Shaman
Marine Dhalmel
Melees should be at upper level range for Ravens. Echo drops recommended.
28-31 Maze of Shakhrami Tier 4 Goblin Buburimu side. 1 party.
28-32 Yhoator Jungle Yhoator Mandragora
Tier 4 Goblin
F-7/F-8 Melees should be upper level range for Goblins. 3 parties.
28-32 Yuhtunga Jungle Makara
Sea Serpent Grotto (E-11)
F-11/12 cave
Beware of pops (all mobs aggro). Sneak (through grotto) or Warp device required to get out. Water Elemental danger. If grotto zone camp is claimed, use the cave on the southeast end of F-11. 2 parties.
28-32 Lufaise Meadows Tier 4 Orcs
Lake All members must complete CoP Chapter 1. Thunder Elemental danger.
28-32 Oldton Movalpolos Tier 1 Goblins
Tier 1 Moblins
Invisible required to reach camps. Escape or Warp is recommended. Mages must /whm. Earth Elemental danger at E-4 camp.
28-32 Attohwa Chasm Flesh Eater
zoneline Mages must /whm. Huge level Difference of Flesh Eaters in the zone.
29-32 Ranguemont Pass Tier 4 Goblin
Evil Weapon
far northwest Use stirge as chain fillers. Ranged pull only on weapons. Supports 1 party. Although the Evil Weapons are still there, the rest of the mobs been replaced by the ones in the late 80s/low 90s.
29-33 Beaucedine Glacier Tier 4 Goblin
Tundra Tiger
Giga's Tiger
Ranguemont zone
G-9 canyon (no mobs should pop in that spot)
H-9 (roaming tiger alley)
Mages must /whm. Take notice of mobs in area that detect magic. Use page 1 of the Field Manual every game day if possible. The H-9 camp is a roaming camp loaded with tigers and little of the other mobs. Bring someone to kill all other mobs except for the BST Giga (will load a pet that is the same level as the Tundra Tiger but with a fourth of the HP).
29-33 Castle Oztroja Tier 4 Yagudo
Behind trap door Layout of zone favors a moving party.
29-32 West Sarutabaruta (S) Savanna Dhalmel J-5/J-6 12 dhalmels in area, making it possible to support 2 parties. Keep slept dhalmels away from ones being attacked, due to Healing Breeze being a Dhalmel AOE that will wake sleeping dhalmels. Mages must bring Echo Drops. Pixies will roam in this area.

Early 30s

Level Zone Mob(s) Position(s) Notes
30-33 Eastern Altepa Desert Sand Beetle
Antican Faber
Antican Auxiliarius
West Altepa zone
Earth Elemental Danger at Altepa zone. 3 parties.
30-33 Qufim Island Goblin Bounty Hunter south shoreline 1 party. Thunder Elemental Danger.
30-33 Batallia Downs Goblin Bounty Hunter north shoreline 1 party.
30-34 Vunkerl Inlet (S) Goliath Beetle
32: Carrion Marabou
F-8 (Bridge) Strongly recommended to use the C.A. warp. Sneak is required to reach camp (due to Haunts at nighttime). Camp on bridge between the two group of spawns. Supports 2 parties. Beetles range from T-VT at level 30 (you can probably start them close to 28). Carrion Marabout are IT to 30, and not much harder than beetles.
30-34 Attohwa Chasm Tier 4 Goblin
Edge of cave Sneak required, and cross the first bridge.
30-34 Sauromugue Champaign Evil Weapon beetle spot 1 party.
31-35 Fei'Yin Vampire Bat
Undead Bats
Beaucedine zone
Hallway east of fountain
Fountain room
3 parties. Oils and powders required. All members should have Teleport-Vahzl crystal. Strongly recommended to bring someone to clear path of Revenants and Golems.
31-35 Yuhtunga Jungle Soldier Crawler F-10 Use Goblin Furriers to fill in chains as needed (some con IT as late as 32).
Garlaige Citadel Borer Beetle
Siege Bat
main zone
front of Gate 1
Level 32 to 35 at the zone. Level 35-37 at Gate 1. 3 parties. Invisible required to reach gate 1. Camp still good as of May 2011 and now bee complimented with a Ground Tome.
Crawler's Nest Worker Crawler
Maze Lizard
Rolanberry zone
Lizard room
Level 33 to 36 at zone; 35-38 by the lizards. Roaming party recommended for the zoneline camp. Ground tome exist for this camp.
34-36 Eastern Altepa Desert Desert Dhalmel West Altepa zone 2 parties. Earth Elemental danger. Keep slept links away from the one you're attacking. Echo drops recommended
32-36 Sea Serpent Grotto Ghast
Undead Bats
Masan Camp
H-9 Map 1
Monk or manaburn recommended for Ghasts. NM may pop at H-9 camp. 1 party per camp.
34-37 The Eldieme Necropolis Gazer
Lost Soul
At Batallia zone Monk or manaburn party recommended for skeletons. There is a level difference of Lost Souls in the zone.
35-37 North Gustaberg (S) Huge Spider Maw White Mage must have Erase. Beware of Sickle Slash.
35-39 Western Altepa Desert Desert Spider
Antican Essedarius
Desert Dhalmel
East Altep zone
Korroloka zone
Melees should be upper end for Dhalmels. Beware of wandering cactuars and scorpions. Echo drops recommended.
35-39 Beaucedine Glacier Tier 5 Goblin
Stone Golem
Batallia zone
canyon near Fei'Yin
Ranged pull only. Roaming party possible. WHM with erase required for Golems.
35-39 Yuhtunga Jungle Tier 5 Goblin E-8
Beware of morbols. 3 parties.

Experience Points: Guide for Levels 37-75

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