Job Trait Overview

  • Game Description: Quickens spellcasting.
  • Job Traits are always active.

Effect Overview

  • Reduces both the Cast Time and the Recast Time of the spell. Fast Cast gear MUST remain equipped to gain the Recast Time effect
  • Fast Cast recast reduction is calculated first. Then the reduced recast value is reduced further by haste gear. See Talk:Fast Cast for testing details.
  • Gear with 'Enhances "Fast Cast" effect' affects both Cast Time and Recast Time.
  • Related effect of Haste (and Slow) affects only Recast Time.
  • Recast Time cannot be reduced by more than 50%.
  • Fast Cast cannot reduce Recast Time by more than 25% (or 50% Fast Cast).
  • Fast Cast stacks with the Cast Time and Recast Time modifying effects of Light Arts, Dark Arts and Composure.
  • Keep in mind that Cast Time used here means the amount of time for the spell progress bar to reach 75%. Since the calculation is a multiplication, for someone with Fast Cast 1 the spell goes off at 75% * (1 - 0.1) = 67.5%.Exclamation

Blue Magic Spells that Activate this Trait

Set two of the following Blue Magic spells to get this trait:

Level AvailableSpellSet Point Cost
61Bad Breath5
72Sub-zero Smash4
84Auroral Drape4
99Wind Breath2
  • Please note that while Blue Mage was originally capable of acquiring the full benefits of Fast Cast, there is presumably a bug currently within the game that causes BLU's Fast Cast to grant only half of the previous and standard Fast Cast I bonus.

Corsair Dice Roll that Activates this Trait

The following Corsair roll to get this trait for party members within area of effect:

Level AvailableRollCasting TimeRecast Time
79Caster's Roll-2 to -20%-1 to -10%
  • All jobs within area of effect party will receive Fast Cast.
  • Only the Corsair performing the Phantom Roll receives the negative Bust effect; the rest of the party just loses the roll.
  • The exact potency of Phantom Roll results can be reduced for the receiving players if they are of a level higher than the Corsair, however Corsairs still receives full potency.
  • Values may not be exact, but within 1% of to these.
  • Please see the Phantom Roll page for additional information.

Equipment that Enhances this Effect

Item Job Slot Level Casting time Recast time
Atrophy Chapeau +1 RDM Head 99 -12% -12%
Atrophy Chapeau RDM Head 99 -11% -11%
Warlock's Mantle All (with RDM Support Job) Back 30 -2% -1%
Warlock's Chapeau RDM Head 60 -10% -5%
Swith Cape WHM BLM RDM BRD SMN BLU PUP SCH) Back 99 -3% -1.5%
Chelona Boots WHM BLM RDM BRD SMN BLU PUP SCH) Feet 99 -4% -2%
Malagigi's Trousers (Campaign only) WAR/RDM/THF/PLD/DRK/BST/


Legs 69 -10% -5%
Ebon Tam RDM/BRD/BLU Head 71 ???% ???%
Ebur Tam RDM/BRD/BLU Head 71 ???% ???%
Furia Tam RDM/BRD/BLU Head 71 ???% ???%
Warlock's Chapeau+1 RDM Head 74 -10% -5%
Duelist's Tabard RDM Body 74 -10% -5%
Duelist's Tabard +1 RDM Body 75 -10% -5%
Veela Cape WHM/BLM/BRD/SMN/PUP/SCH Back 75 -2% -1%
Rostrum Pumps WHM/BLM/BRD/SMN/PUP/SCH Feet 75 -2% -1%
Loquacious Earring All Ear 75 -2% -1%
Homam Cosciales THF/PLD/DRK/DRG/BLU Legs 75 -4% -2%
Marduk's Jubbah WHM/BRD/SMN Body 75 -5% -2.5%
Marduk's Jubbah Set WHM/BRD/SMN Set 75 -10% -5%
Pi Ring (Salvage only) All Ring 75 -2%




Nuevo Coselete + Augment WAR/PLD/DRK/SAM/DRG Body 75 -5% -2.5%
Mirke Wardecors + Augment MNK/THF/BST/RNG/NIN/BLU/COR/PUP/DNC Body 75 -5% -2.5%
Royal Redingote + Augment WHM/BLM/RDM/BRD/SMN/SCH Body 75 -5% -2.5%
Vivid Strap All Grip 75 -1% -0.5%
Vivid Strap +1 All Grip 75 ???% ???%
Teal Saio Set WHM/BLM/RDM/BRD/SMN/BLU/PUP/SCH Set 78 -10% -5%
Augur's Gaiters WHM/BLM/RDM/BRD/SMN/SCH Feet 79 -2% -1%
Hochomasamune NIN Katana 80 -10% -5%
Incantor Stone WHM/PLD/SCH Ammunition 83 -2% -1%
Orison Locket WHM Neck 84 -5% -2.5%
Mederi Talar + Augment RDM/BRD/BLU Body 87 -5% -2.5%
Isador BLU Sword 89 -5% -2.5%
Estoqueur's Earring RDM Ear 90 -2% -1%
Majorelle Shield PLD/DRK Shield 94 ???% ???%

Also see: Swith Cape, Swith Cape +1, Witful Belt, Duelist's Tabard +2, Prolix Ring, Heka's Kalasiris, Nares Cap, Tethyan Cap +3.

Fast Cast I

Casting time -10%, recast -5%

Fast Cast II

Casting time -15%, recast -7.5%

Fast Cast III

Casting time -20%, recast -10%

Fast Cast IV

Casting time -25%, recast -12.5%

Fast Cast V

Casting time -30%, recast -15%

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