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This guide is written mainly for a Bastok start.

Level 1-15 (South Gustaberg)

This is my tried and true method for 1-15 for every job I level.


Huge Hornets and Tunnel Worms are the best to start with. Grab page 1 and repeat until you hit level 5.


Make your way around Vomp Hill and take on Stone Eaters, Walking Saplings, Rock Lizards, Young Quadavs, Amber Quadavs, and Amethyst Quadavs.


Head west to the pond. You'll find the Maneating Hornets and Land Crabs. These should get you to 15 pretty quick.

Level 15-30 (Kuftal Tunnel)

Once again this is just my method and I'm sure other people have theirs as well.

I team up with friends in Kuftal Tunnel doing page 2. Park the lowbies just around the corner from the main room of Robber Crabs. (Coming in from Altep)

Kill a Haunt then 10 Robber Crabs then 2 Haunts. Rinse and repeat. Level 30 comes fast so I normally get a few jobs to 15 then swap em in and out in Rabao and level them all at one time. Bring a couple stacks of Silent Oils and Prism Powders for the run.

Level 30-99 (Abyssea - La Theine)

Ah yes! The famous/infamous Abyssea worm party. If you are lucky enough to have friends that will let you build some cruor in the beginning, you'll be on your way to being a long standing key person with all of those level 30 jobs you now have.

Don't forget about all of your Level caps you have to complete. Level Cap Guide

The major downfall of leveling this way is that you will need to spend months skilling up all of your weapons, magic, and other skills. Also, if this is your first character, you will have no idea how to play the game. All you will know is how to stand still 15-30 and run around opening boxes. I wrote this guide for players that have been around for a little while or that have just returned from a long break.

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