Reduces target party member's enmity loss.


Spell cost: None
Spell element: Light
Magic skill: Singing Skill


Casting Time: 4 seconds
Recast Time: 24 seconds

How to Obtain

Obtained: Merit Point Group 2


  • Each merit increases effect by 5%
  • The effect of this song is not currently fully understood. One theory is that it reduces the amount of cumulative enmity lost from taking damage but does not affect volatile enmity loss over time.
  • The sirventes or serventes (Occitan sirventés) is a genre of Occitan lyric poetry used by the troubadours. In early Catalan it became a sirventesch and was imported into that language in the fourteenth century, where it developed into a unique didactic/moralistic type. It was a song written in the style of a canso, addressing current events from the perspective of a sirven ("servant"), a paid soldier. It was always partisan, being either highly complimentary or oozing with vitriol. The most famous exponent of the sirventes was Bertran de Born.

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