Great Axe weapon skill
Skill Level: 225 (Warriors only)
Description: Lowers enemy's attack, defense, accuracy, and evasion. Duration of effect varies with TP.
Sneak Attack: Will stack with Sneak Attack.
Equipment: Aligned with aqua equipment (Aqua Gorget & Aqua Belt).
Aligned with snow equipment (Snow Gorget & Snow Belt).
  • Lowers attack and defense by 12.5%, evasion by 20 points, and estimated to also lower accuracy by 20 points.
  • These enfeebles are given as four seperate status effects, resists calculated seperately for each. They almost always wear off simultaneously, but have been observed to wear off at different times.


Element: Earth
Modifiers: STR:50% ; VIT:50%
Damage Multipliers by TP:
1000 TP 2000 TP 3000 TP
1.00 1.00 1.00

Skillchain Properties

Level 3 Skillchains
Dark-squareEarth-square Gravitation Water-squareIce-square Distortion = Dark-squareEarth-squareWater-squareIce-square Darkness
Water-squareIce-square Distortion Dark-squareEarth-square Gravitation = Dark-squareEarth-squareWater-squareIce-square Darkness
Level 2 Skillchains
Water-squareIce-square Distortion Light-squareFire-square Fusion = Light-squareFire-square Fusion
Lightning-squareWind-square Fragmentation Water-squareIce-square Distortion = Water-squareIce-square Distortion
Level 1 Skillchains


  • Full Break is only available to Warriors. While Dark Knights and Rune Fencers can attain the required 225 Great Axe skill, they cannot use Full Break.
  • Great Axe skill level 225 is obtainable by Warriors at level 65.
Job Rating Level
Warrior A+ 65

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