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[[{{SUBST:Green Thumb Moogle}}|   ]]
Green Thumb Moogle
Green Thumb Moogle
Bestiary: Moogle
Affiliation: MHMU
Occupation: Groundskeeper
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[[{{SUBST:Green Thumb Moogle}}|   ]]
Type: MHMU worker
Location: Mog Garden

Starts Quests:

Involved in Quests:


Green Thumb Moogles are dispatched by the MHMU to tend to all your gardening needs. They also supply players with a KeyItemGPS crystal upon their first visit.


Goods and rank one and two creatures.

Rank three and four creatures.

Rank five through seven creatures.

Star Exchange

Item/Service Stars
Trip to San d'Oria 1
Trip to Bastok 1
Trip to Windurst 1
KeyItemGil repository 5
One week of work from Kuyin Hathdenna 5 (must have met Kuyin for this option to be available)
One week of work from Susuroon 5 (must have met Susuroon for this option to be available)
One week of work from Yeestog 5 (must have met Yeestog for this option to be available)
Coalition Humus 10
Super Baitball 10
Coalition Chum 10
KeyItemCrab caller 15
Coalition Fertilizer 15
Coalition Serum 15
KeyItemShimmering invitation 15
Overalls 30

Historical Background

One who is good at gardening is said to have a "green thumb."