The Guildworker's Union Representative is an NPC normally found in or near their Guild Workroom. Once you have attained the rank of Novice with the Guild, you may begin to earn Guild Points. Note that you may only accumulate Guild Points for one guild at a time, and if you switch guilds, all previously accumulated points are lost.

The "Item of the Day" that the guild will accept changes every day at Japanese Midnight, and varies by crafting rank. Speak with the Guildworker's Union Representative to find out what the item is, determine the limit to how many points can be earned, turn in items for points, and to spend points on Guild Point Items.

The Representatives for each Guild

Guild Representative Guild Location Position
Alchemy Hemewmew - Tarutaru Bastok Mines (K-7)
Bonecraft Samigo-Pormigo - Tarutaru Windurst Woods (H-13)
Clothcraft Huah Colphioh - Mithra Windurst Woods (G-12)
Cooking Qhum Knaidjn - Mithra Windurst Waters (North Map) (E-9)
Fishing Fennella - Hume Port Windurst (C-8)
Goldsmithing Ellard - Hume Bastok Markets (H-8)
Leathercraft Alivatand - Elvaan Southern San d'Oria (E-8)
Smithing Macuillie - Elvaan
Lorena - Hume
Northern San d'Oria
Woodworking Andreas - Hume Northern San d'Oria (F-3)

See Also

The following are links to external sites that helps determine the pattern each guild has for requested items. Requested items are determined by your status in the guild union. Note: these may not always be accurate.

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