Hare meat


Slice of hare meat
This meat is from a small wild rabbit.
Stackable: 12
Food Effects: (5 minutes, Galka*)

Synthesis Recipes


Desynthesis Recipes


Obtained from Desynthesis

    • None

How to Obtain


Price: Varies
Name Location Type Cost
Chomo Jinjahl* Windurst Waters (E-8) Guild Merchant
Kopopo* Windurst Waters (E-8) Guild Merchant

*Not restocked by guild

Green Thumb Moogle

Price Requirement
38 gil KeyItem Rabbit Memento

Despoiled From

Name Level Zone
Variable Hare 58 - 61 Uleguerand Range
Beach Bunny 62 - 65 Cape Teriggan
Twigtrip Lapinion 100 Ceizak Battlegrounds
Pepper Hare 101 - 102 Moh Gates
Snowpelt Rabbit 111 - 112 Kamihr Drifts

Collected From

  • White Rabbit (Put Down)
  • Baby Raptor
  • Red Raptor
  • Eft
  • Coeurl Cub
  • Baby Adamantoise
  • Dragon Hatchling