Start NPC Robel-Akbel - Windurst Waters (S)
Requirements Wings of the Goddess, Nation Mission 4 Magicite
Items Needed KeyItemShard of Orastone
KeyItemShard of Optistone
KeyItemShard of Aurastone
Title Granted The Moon's Companion
Repeatable No
Reward Cobra Staff
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Sins of the Mothers Mission: Fate in Haze

Quest: Manifest Destiny



  • Buffs will not be removed upon starting. It's recommended to fully buff up before starting the battle.
  • Time limit for this fight is 30 minutes.
  • It is possible to get Allied Tags before clicking the Bulwark, thus preventing exp loss upon death.
  • There are four waves, which will try to attack the Protective Wards:
    • First wave: Six Yagudo Parivirs (SAM) will approach from the northwest. They each have approximately 3500 HP.
    • Second wave: Three Giganotaurs will approach 1.5 minutes after the previous wave spawns.
    • Third wave: Six Kindred Incantors (BLM) will approach 1.5 minutes after the previous wave spawns. Be careful as they can destroy the wards with their spells.
    • Final wave: Three Blurry Eyes will approach 1.5 minutes after the previous wave spawns.
    • They are immune to most forms of enfeebling magic. An all-out offense and/or kiting is best for handling them.
  • Romaa Mihgo assists you during the fight. She uses the same abilities as in A Nation on the Brink, including Cobra Clamp.
  • It is not possible to cure Romaa Mihgo.
  • It is possible to cure the Protective Wards with Dancers waltz.
  • If all three Protective Wards are destroyed, the Confrontation ends and you have to retry. You will receive a message suggesting to wait some time if you check the bulwark after failing; simply have your party or alliance all zone out and back into West Sarutabaruta (S) and check the Bulwark again to restart the battle.
    • If you accidentally zone during or after the fight, you will have to re-zone twice to retry.
  • It is not necessary for party and alliance members to be on (or past) this quest to assist in the fight. Members with no progress in the storyline can still engage and deal damage.
  • (see testimonials)

Game Description

Robel-Akbel Windurst Waters
As the battered Federation forces prepare to defend their city from the approaching hordes, the inscrutable Robel-Akbel schemes in his dark chambers. What terrible secrets lie behind his mask? Deliver the magicite he seeks, and long-sought truths just may be revealed...

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