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Welcome to FFXIclopedia

The free-content Final Fantasy XI encyclopedia that anyone can edit.

For those of you new to FFXIclopedia, please feel free to use our site as your one-stop complete information source for all Final Fantasy XI material. This site strives to be a veritable encyclopedia of Final Fantasy XI information. You can get started by using the navigation bar, searching, or using the Knowledge Base. Visit our Community Portal to find out what the FFXIclopedia Community is working on and the Editing Guide to get some editing tips. You may also use Discussions or Chat to discuss changes to the wiki, new features or articles you'd like to see added, or just to chat about FFXI in general. There is also a place for you to put up your Blogs and ramble on about your life in Vana'diel.

Utilizing the power of Mediawiki software, this online FFXI encyclopedia contains more than 46,838 articles relating to FFXI that can be edited by any user, making the FFXIclopedia a true community effort, rather than relying on the efforts of a few administrators updating information or simply extracting everything from .dat files. If you see something that needs editing or is missing, the edit button is at the top of almost every page. The Mediawiki software tracks all changes, so prior versions of articles are always accessible in case a change is made in error. There are a few templates that should be followed for making or updating pages, but otherwise information should simply be included as needed.

Before getting started editing, please reference our guide, tips and policies on editing. Please note that the Sysops may edit or add to these as needed, so refer back to them regularly to keep up-to-date regarding editing policies. Please also note that FFXIclopedia has a number of Templates that we use for various pages on the wiki. Please be sure to utilize these templates to keep the uniformity across all pages.

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Statistics: 189,579 total pages • 46,838 articles • 41,584 images • 1,563,952 edits

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