A ninjutsu tool,
used in casting "Doton."
Deals earth damage to an enemy and lowers its resistance against wind.

Stackable: 99

Doton: Ichi
Doton: Ni
Doton: San

Other Uses

Guild Points Value: None

Resale Price: 10 gil

Note: Can be turned into a Toolbag (Maki). See Ominous Cloud for more information.

Synthesis Recipes

Smithing (23)

Yield: Makibishi x 33
HQ 1: Makibishi x 66
HQ 2: Makibishi x 99
Wind Crystal

Used in Recipes


Desynthesis Recipe


Obtained From Desynthesis

  • None

How to Obtain

Auction House Category: Others > Ninja Tools ( )


Price: Price and Availability Vary Greatly
Name Location Type
Amalasanda Lower Jeuno (J-8) Tenshodo Merchant
Tsutsuroon Nashmau (G-7) Tenshodo Merchant
Vuliaie Norg (H-8) Tenshodo Merchant



A makibishi is an item used to block or hinder passage through an area. Generally being a metallic orb with spikes arranged so that one spike is always vertical. Same/similar to caltrops.

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