March is a type of Enhancing Song used by Bards. It gives an effect similar to Haste to party members within range, reducing their attack delay and magic recast timers. (Refer to the Haste status effect page for more information.)

Two songs give this effect, and their effects can be combined. They can also coexist with an Elegy effect on the same target, unlike Haste and Slow statuses which do not.

Songs are learned by Bards only, at the following levels:

29: Advancing March
60: Victory March

Equipment that Enhance this Song

Name Lvl Effects
Royal Spearman's Horn 20 CHR +3, "March" +1
Kingdom Horn 25 HP +4, MP +4, CHR +3, "March" +1
San d'Orian Horn 25 HP +3, MP +3, CHR +3, "March" +1
Faerie Piccolo 36 "March" +2
Iron Ram Horn Rare 60 CHR +4, "March" +2
Millennium Horn RareExclusive 75 In Dynamis: CHR +3, All Songs +2
Gjallarhorn RareExclusive 75 CHR +4, All Songs +2, Singing Skill +10, Wind Instrument Skill +10
Gjallarhorn (80) AugmentedRareExclusive 80 CHR +6, Singing Skill +15, Wind Instrument Skill +15, All Songs +2
Gjallarhorn (85) AugmentedRareExclusive 85 CHR +8, Singing Skill +20, Wind Instrument Skill +20, All Songs +2
Aoidos' Manchettes +2 AugmentedRareExclusive 87 DEF: 24, CHR +12, Magic Accuracy +8, Singing Skill +8, String Instrument Skill +8, Wind Instrument Skill +8, "March" +1, Set: Augments Songs
Gjallarhorn (90) AugmentedRareExclusive 90 CHR +8, Singing Skill +20, Wind Instrument Skill +20, All Songs +3
Langeleik RareExclusive 90 March +3, "Etude" +3

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