Start NPC Balasiel - Southern San d'Oria (F-7)
Requirements Warrior, Dragoon, or Samurai Lv.71+
Base Polearm Skill 240+
No other WSNM quest active
Items Needed Spear of Trials
KeyItemWeapon Training Guide
KeyItemMap to the Annals of Truth
Sahagin Key
KeyItemAnnals of Truth
Repeatable No
Reward Grants the Weapon Skill Impulse Drive

Sea Serpent Grotto Composite

Composite Map


Sea Serpent Grotto



  • This section only applies to DRG

Game Description

Balasiel (Watchdog Alley, Southern San d'Oria)
Balasiel requires your assistance in constructing a new set of polearm training guidelines for the San d'Orian knights.

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