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Zone Information
Area Name Mordion Gaol
Type Dungeon
Maps None
Map Acquisition None
Miscellaneous None
Region Areas
Expansion Original
Requirements None
Restrictions None
Background music
Monstrosity Not applicable
Notes None

A secret fortress where anyone who violates the rules of the world of Vana'diel is imprisoned.


NPCs Found Here

Name Location Type
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Mordion Gaol is an area commonly used by GM staff as a "jail" to hold the characters of players who have demonstratively violated the PlayOnline Terms of Service or Rules of Conduct—thus becoming a possible danger to other players.

GMs may also use this room as a place to talk to players who have problems or who report violations. For players in this zone, all out-going messages can be restricted by the GM, including tells, linkshell chat, and party chat. However, PlayOnline messages are not restricted.

Only a GM may move a character into Mordion Gaol (usually accompanied by an animation-less teleport). No sort of teleportation available to the player—be it magic, items or equipment with teleportation enchantments—may be used to leave the area. Only a GM may remove a character from Mordion Gaol and teleport them somewhere else in the world (commonly, their Home Point).

When a character has arrived in Mordion Gaol, the GM will explain the violation committed and mete further punishment if necessary. Severe or repeated violations will result in suspension; when a player is suspended, their character will remain held in this area for a period of Earth time that the GM staff determines appropriate. Multiple instances of misconduct leading to suspension here will result in the player's complete removal from the current World, or even Final Fantasy XI itself.

In an effort to minimize their workload, a GM has authority to warp players out of Mordion Gaol and return them to their home point in severe cases of misconduct in which the player will be punished with a suspension period deemed appropriate by the GM staff. The purpose of this jail release is that when a player becomes suspended, they no longer have the option to log back online; furthermore, upon completion of the suspension period, a player used to wait for a period of time in Mordion Gaol until a GM was available to release them. With this update to the Terms of Service, additional waiting periods similar to this one, and the additional assistance from a GM for jail removal, are no longer necessary.

To the player, the area appears as a single large, square room, with an arch on the north wall leading into a shallow alcove. The zone itself, however, consists of 32 of these cells spread out so that they are just out of shouting distance. Its level elements are identical to the main sections of Horutoto Ruins.

"Gaol" is a British variant of "Jail" and is pronounced the same as jail.

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