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This is a guide for making decent gil and knowing what to keep and drop as far as selling to NPC's. Although the more profitable option is to go with the auction house i dont like relying on it too much and I've taken some hits for being undercut and things over priced ect so i decided to start making gil from npc and started checking the prices of things that were dropping. Since I started checking npc resale prices just recently since i havent found a guide like this anywhere I'll be updating as i'm leveling my thief (This is my first article, Fixes appreciated). Each section will have a list of sell prices for various items so you know what to drop and what to keep.

Konschtat Highlands (Levels 10-18)

Since I'm a bastok guy and also cause you get Treasure hunter 1 at 15 i think this a good place to start, it's where i did/am.

1.Bomb Ash 103-105
2.Grain Seeds 70-71
3.Vegetable Seeds 68-71
4.Lizard Skin 66
5.Sneak 492-512 (non-stackable)
6.Treant Bulb 38-41
7.Honey 29-30
8.Lizard Tail 28-30
9.Quadav fetich parts 200ish
10.Insect Wing 18-20
11.Beehive Chip 12
12.Giant Sheep Meat 11-12
13.Shell Shield 107-113
14.Sheepskin 18-19 (non-stackable)

(most crystals are 13-15)

Valkurm Dunes (Levels 18-29)

Not too much to mention form what i've been getting here. There's still lizards and the aprons and worms that drop can't be sold so I'll list what's worth mentioning. Just discovered land crab meat that drops from the crabs goes for a good amount though it seems to have a fairly low drop rate.

1.Land Crab Meat 271-286
2.Lizard Skin 66
3.Sheep Tooth 48-51
4.Crab Shell 371-392 (non-stackable)
5.Lightning Crystal 29-30 (one of few crystals worth keeping)
6.Lizard Tail 28-30
7.Insect Wing 18-20
8.Giant Sheep Meat 11-12
9.Beastcoin 10
10.La Theine Cabbage 6
11.Rock Salt 3-4
12.Sheepskin 18-19 (non-stackable)

Buburimu Peninsula (Levels ???)

Barely know about this place, just found a few items while goin for white gate access items. I'll add more when i do a more thorough check of the drops.

1.Dhalmel Meat 59-61
2.Giant Femur 196-208 (non-stackable)
3.Dhalmel Hide 194-205 (non-stackable)
4.Hare Meat 8

Western Altepa Desert (Levels 52-60)

1.Cactuar Needle 186-190
2.Beetle Jaw 117-124
3.Insect Wing 18-20
4.Iron Ore 145-153 (nonstackable)
5.Antican Pauldron 100-102 (non-stackable)
6.Rotten Meat 9-10
7.Beetle Shell 63-66 (non-stackable)

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