Table of Contents
Zone Information
Area Name Northern San d'Oria
Type City
Map Acquisition Purchase
Miscellaneous None
Ffxi gld 01
Region San d'Oria
Expansion Final Fantasy XI
Requirements None
Restrictions None
Background music "The Kingdom of San d'Oria"
Monstrosity Not applicable
Notes None

With access to the Royal palace, otherwise known as the Chateau d'Oraguille, and the Cathedral, much of the Northern section of the Kingdom of San d'Oria has an open, spread out feel. The Parade Grounds in the center provides a spectacular area for the Kingdom's many festivals and a beautiful backdrop for the consulates which line its paths. The western part of the district, however, is distinctly different. Laborman's Way, which houses the Blacksmiths' and carpenters' Guilds, remains in a perpetual state of construction. Unaware adventures should be careful, as certain nondescript doors lead directly to dangerous monster-infested areas. Also of note is a Venture Roll table located in an out-of-the-way corner.

Southern San d'Oria : I/J-11

Port San d'Oria: F-3

Chateau d'Oraguille: I/J-6

West Ronfaure: C-8

Carpenters' Landing: F-5

Cloister of Frost : E-7 via Castilchat with Mini Tuning Fork of Ice
Home Point #1: (E-8)
Home Point #2: (J-7)
Home Point #3: (K-9)

Involved in Quests/Missions

Quest Type Starter Location
A Boy's Dream PLD AF2 Ailbeche    Northern San d'Oria J-8
A Craftsman's Work DRG AF1 Miaux    Northern San d'Oria E-6
Acting in Good Faith Spell Scroll Gantineux    Windurst Waters E-10 North
Advanced Teamwork General Vilatroire    West Ronfaure H-5
Altana's Sorrow Spell Scoll Virnage    Bastok Mines I-5
Blackmail General Dauperiat    Northern San d'Oria I-10
Class Reunion SMN AF2 Carbuncle    Windurst Walls G-3
Escort for Hire (San d'Oria) Escort Rondipur    Northern San d'Oria F-6
Exit the Gambler Map Aurege    Northern San d'Oria F-6
Father and Son General Ailbeche    Northern San d'Oria J-8
Fear of the Dark General Secodiand    Northern San d'Oria F-6
Flyers for Regine General Regine    Port San d'Oria J-8
Gates to Paradise General Olbergieut    Northern San d'Oria L-6
Growing Flowers Mog House Exit Kuu Mohzolhi    Northern San d'Oria F-7
Healing the Land Spell Scroll Eperdur    Northern San d'Oria M-7
Intermediate Teamwork Song Scroll Vilatroire    Northern San d'Oria H-5
Introduction To Teamwork General Vilatroire    Northern San d'Oria H-5
Lure of the Wildcat (San d'Oria) General Amutiyaal    Southern San d'Oria L-6
Messenger from Beyond WHM AF1 Narcheral    Northern San d'Oria M-6
Missionary Man Spell Scroll Rauteinot    Kazham G-9
The Setting Sun General Vamorcote    Northern San d'Oria F-5
Sharpening the Sword PLD AF1 Ailbeche    Northern San d'Oria J-8
Son and Father General Exoroche (S)    Southern San d'Oria (S) K-10
Sorcery of the North Spell Scroll Eperdur    Northern San d'Oria M-7
The Medicine Woman General Abeaule    Northern San d'Oria F-8
The Missing Piece Spell Scroll Alfesar    Rabao H-7
The Trader in the Forest General Abeaule    Northern San d'Oria F-8
The Vicasque's Sermon General Abioleget    Northern San d'Oria M-6
Trial by Ice Avatar Gulmama    Northern San d'Oria E-7
Trial Size Trial by Ice Avatar Castilchat    Northern San d'Oria E-7
Trouble at the Sluice General Belgidiveau    Northern San d'Oria G-8
Undying Flames General Pagisalis    Northern San d'Oria M-6
Unexpected Treasure General Morunaude    Northern San d'Oria G-8
Warding Vampires General Maloquedil    Northern San d'Oria J-8
Waters of the Cheval General Miageau    Northern San d'Oria L-7
Mission Nation Starter Location
Save the Children San d'Oria 1-3 San d'Orian Gate Guard San d'Oria
The Davoi Report San d'Oria 2-2 San d'Orian Gate Guard San d'Oria
Prestige of the Papsque San d'Oria 7-1 San d'Orian Gate Guard San d'Oria
Coming of Age San d'Oria 8-1 San d'Orian Gate Guard San d'Oria
The Heir to the Light San d'Oria 9-2 San d'Orian Gate Guard San d'Oria
The Three Kingdoms Windurst 2-3 Windurst Gate Guard Windurst
The Road Forks Promathia 3-3 --- ---
Slanderous Utterings Promathia 4-4 --- ---
Where Messengers Gather (Ulmia's Path) Promathia 5-3 Cid Metalworks H-8

Other Information

Fish Cap Body of Water
7 Sluice
Moat Carp
Tricolored Carp
Gold Carp
Rusty Bucket
Rusty Leggings
Rusty Subligar
Copper Ring

Fishing Maps

NPCs Found Here

Name Location Type
Abeaule (F - 8) Quest Giver
Abioleget (M - 6) Quest Giver
Achantere, T.K. (C - 8) Conquest Overseer
San d'Oria: National Guard
Ailbeche (J - 8) Quest Giver
Aivedoir (F - 6)
Alphollon C Meriard (L - 6)
Amarefice (E - 3) Recipe Giver
Andreas (E - 3) Guildworker's Union Representative
Anieuvansand (I - 7)
Anilla (J - 8)
Antonian (J - 8) Merchant of Aragoneau produce
Arachagnon (F - 3) RSE Merchant
Arienh (I - 10)
Arlenne (E - 4) Merchant of weapons (club, staff, polearm, scythe
Arnau (M - 6)
Attarena (M - 9) Merchant
Aurege (F - 3) Quest Giver
Bacherume (J - 7)
Baraka (K - 10)
Beadurinc (E - 6)
Belgidiveau (G - 8) Quest Giver
Beriphaule (C - 9) Immigration NPC
Bertenont (E - 4)
Boncort (F - 8) NPC Merchant
Calovour (M - 6)
Capiria (F - 6)
Castilchat (E - 7) Quest Giver
Cauzeriste (E - 3) Merchant
Chapal-Afal, W.W. (H - 9) Conquest Overseer
Windurst: Foreign Guard
Charmealaut (D - 8) Merchant
Chasalvige (L - 6)
Chaupire (E - 3) Merchant
Cheupirudaux (F - 3) Guild Master
Commojourt (F - 5)
Coullene (M - 6)
Danngogg (K - 10)
Dapraugeant (D - 7)
Dauperiat (I - 10) Quest Giver
Daveille (D - 9)
Doggomehr (E - 5) Merchant
Elesca (I - 8) Map Dealer
Emeige (I - 7) A.M.A.N.
Emilia (I - 10)
Eperdur (M - 7) Quest Giver
Esqualea (L - 7)
Eugballion (H - 8) Merchant
Explorer Moogle (L - 10) Event NPC
Excenmille (D - 9) Ballista Pursuivant
Fantarviont (F - 7)
Fittesegat (M - 6)
Galahad (H - 10) Consulate Representative
Gaudylox (F - 4) Merchant: Colored Chips
Giaunne (I - 9)
Gilipese (F - 7)
Greubaque (G - 6)
Grilau (C - 8)
Guilberdrier (F - 3)
Guilerme (I - 7)
Gulmama (E - 7) Quest Giver
Halaviabeau (L - 6)
Helaku (K - 10) Consulate Representative
Heruze-Moruze (H - 9)
Icoua (L - 9)
Ishwar (H - 10)
Name Location Type
Jeanvirgaud (L - 10) Outpost Teleporter
Jufaue (J - 10) Past Event Watcher
Justi (G - 8) Merchant of Mog House Furniture
Kasaroro (H - 9) Consulate Representative
Kuu Mohzolhi (F - 7) Quest Giver
Letterare (K - 9)
Lotine (F - 5)
Lucretia (E - 5) Merchant
Machella (G - 8)
Macuillie (E - 6)
Madaline (K - 9)
Malfine (M - 6)
Maloquedil (J - 8) Quest Giver
Maryse E-5 /F-5 /E-6 /F-6
Maurine (M - 6)
Maurinne (F - 5)
Mevaloud (J - 10)
Mevreauche (E - 6)
Miageau (L - 7) Quest Giver
Miaux (E - 6) Quest Giver
Millechuca (L - 9) Merchant of Vollbow Region produce
Monteverle (J - 9) Chocobo Racing Associate
Morjean (L - 7)
Morunaude (G - 8) Quest Giver
Mulaujeant (E - 5) Directions to Blacksmith Guild
Narcheral (M - 6) Quest Giver
Narsaude (G - 8)
Nonterene (I - 10)
Nouveil (M - 7)
Olbergieut (L - 6) Quest Giver
Pagisalis (M - 6) Quest Giver
Pala Korin (H - 9)
Palguevion (F - 6) Merchant
Pellimie (M - 6)
Pepigort (F - 3)
Phairupegiont (H 8)
Phaviane (I - 10)
Pikiki (H - 9)
Pinok-Morok (E - 6)
Pirvidiauce (D - 8) Merchant of medicine items, arrows, flowerpot
Pontaudarme (H - 9)
Poseaulloie (I-8 / J-8 / I-9 / J-9) Harvest Festival Witch NPC
Prerivon (M - 6)
Pulloie (M - 10) Opens Mog House for partied members
Pursuivant (K - 9)
Ramua (E - 3) Recipe Giver
Rodaillece (C - 8)
Rondipur (F - 6) Quest Giver
Ronpaurege (K - 8)
Secodiand (F - 6) Quest Giver
Shakir (K - 10)
Shomo Pochachilo (J - 9)
Sochiene (J - 10)
Synergy Engineer (F - 3)
Synergy Enthusiast (F - 3)
Taulenne (G - 8) Artifact Armor Storer
Taurette (F - 7)
Telmoda (K - 8)
Tavourine (E - 4) Merchant of weapons: Dagger, Club, Axe, Great Sword
Ulycille (E - 3) Recipe Giver
Vamorcote (F - 5) Quest Giver
Vavegallet (F - 8)
Vichuel (F - 4) Merchant: Fauregandi produce
Vilatroire (C - 7) Quest Giver
Villion (F - 3) crafting elements tutorial
Yevgeny, I.M. (K - 10) Conquest Overseer
Bastok: Foreign Guard

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