Beastmaster Pet Food

Pet Food Level HP Restored
Pet Food Alpha Biscuit 12 60 + 2*(MND-10)
Pet Food Beta Biscuit 24 180 + 1*(MND-33)
Pet Food Gamma Biscuit 36 300 + ?*(MND-?)
Pet Food Delta Biscuit 48 530 + ?*(MND-?)
Pet Food Epsilon Biscuit 60 750 + 2*(MND-45)
Pet Food Zeta Biscuit 72 900 + 3*(MND-45)
Pet Food Eta Biscuit 84 1200 + 4*(MND-50)
Pet Food Theta Biscuit 96 1600 +Exclamation

These figures are base figures before any increase due to armor etc See also Reward.

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