Poisons an enemy and gradually reduces its HP.


Spell cost: 38 MP
Spell element: Water
Magic skill: Enfeebling

*Note: Automatons learn this spell automatically. They do not need to use a scroll.


  • Spell accuracy is most highly affected by Enfeebling Magic Skill, Magic Accuracy, and INT.
  • Poison II deals 10 damage every 'tick' maximum (roughly 3 sec) until it wears off.
  • Will not allow monsters or enemies to remain slept.
  • Does not give the enemy TP.


Casting Time: 1 second
Recast Time: 5 seconds
Duration: 2 minutes unresisted

Other Uses

Resale Price: ~2,870 gil

How to Obtain

Auction House Category: Scrolls > Black Magic ( )


Name Location Price
Chutarmire Selbina (H-9) 22,680 - 26,208
Mazween Aht Urhgan Whitegate (G-7) 22,680 - 26,208

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