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Erudite Moogle

  • Speak to the Erudite Moogle and select Receive Moogle Magic to participate in the Quiz for the Age.
It is highly recommended that you prepare and make use of a simple /point macro, e.g.
/point <t>
  • Make your way to the nearby quiz area and the moogle magic will take effect, transforming you!
  • The quizmaster moogle will ask twenty questions with regards the identity of a Vana'diel NPC and five nameless character models will appear around him.
It's likely that you'll join part-way through the quiz, denoted by the question numbers. This is fine to begin with as you get used to the format, but once you start earning serious points, you'll want to start at the beginning for the opportunity for the maximum chain of correct answers.
  • You have five seconds in which to choose the correct NPC by targeting it and emoting a /point.
  • Chains of correct answers will boost the points you receive!

Available Prizes

Item Event Points
Hapy Staff RareExclusive 5,000
Mangled Cockatrice Skin Rare 3,000
Special gobbiedial key Exclusive 1,000
Copper Voucher Exclusive 1,000
99x Mog Missile 500
99x Bubble Breeze 500
KeyItem Ambuscade Primer Vol One 1,500
KeyItem Ambuscade Primer Vol Two 1,000

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