Start NPC Kakkaroon - Nashmau (H-8)
Items Needed Imperial Bronze Piece, Ahtapot, Istakoz, Istavrit, Istiridye, Mercanbaligi
Repeatable No
Reward 2 Imperial Gold Piece, 2 Imperial Mythril Piece, and 3 Imperial Silver Piece


The quest Cook-a-roon? is not a prerequisite for this quest. Both quests can be done concurrently, however, when you trade the items to Ququroon, this quest will take priority over the quest Cook-a-roon? and you will receive the cutscene for this quest first. A second set of the items must then be obtained and traded in order to complete Cook-a-roon?.
You cannot bypass this by buying the stew; you must obtain the stew by completing this portion of the quest. You will be unable to progress to the next step otherwise.

Game Description

Kakkaroon (Port, Nashmau)
Young Rapipi adores the Qiqirn and wants to make friends with all the furry beastmen in Nashmau. However, therein lies the dilemma for poor Kakkaroon, who is deathly afraid of children. Perhaps "Nadee" can provide some advice on how to bring the two together.

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