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  • Commands the Pet to make a special attack.
  • Ability only available with Jug pets
  • Obtained: Beastmaster Level 25
  • Recast Time: 30 seconds per charge; 1 minute, 30 seconds total to regain the maximum 3 charges. This can be reduced to as low as 10 seconds per charge by the following:
  • Duration: N/A


  • Commands your summoned jug pet to use a selected special TP attack.
  • The Ready ability generates a moderate amount of enmity for the master.
  • You can see your pet's current TP by typing <pettp>.
  • Selecting this command will show a list of the pet's TP moves, each of which requires number of charges to use (the command /bstpet (if no subcommand is specified) will display the move list, with their charge cost and their index number, in the log).
  • There are no minimum TP requirements associated with usage of Ready.
  • The cooldown remaining on charges is a shared timer with the standard Sic ability. If you summon a Jug Pet while your Sic timer is not completely down, it will NOT have 3 charges to start with, it will have exactly enough charges to be at 3 the moment your previous Sic timer expires. The reverse is also true. If you use Ready and burn 3 charges, release your Jug Pet, and Charm a local monster, you will be unable to use the standard Sic for 3 minutes.
  • Every physical and magical damage dealing TP moves are now imbued with Skillchain Attributes/Magic Burst Properties.

Macro Syntax

  • /pet "(TP Ability)" <me>
  • /bstpet X <me>
    • Replace the "X" with the index number coresponding to the move you want to use.

Ready Moves

Pet Ready Charges Type Target Additional Effect SC Attributes Notes
Turbid Toloi Intimidate 2 Enfeeble Conal Slow N/A 25% : 4.75 minutes
Turbid Toloi Water Wall 3 Enhance Self Enhances defense N/A Def +100%
Turbid Toloi Recoil Dive 1 Blunt Conal Light-square Transfixion
Lucky Lulush Foot Kick 1 Slashing Single Deals Critical Damage Water-square Reverberation
Lucky Lulush Whirl Claws 1 Piercing Icon Radial Lightning-square Impaction
Lucky Lulush Snow Cloud 1 Ice Trans Ice Conal Paralyze N/A Exclamation~25% proc : 90 seconds
Lucky Lulush Wild Carrot 2 Enhance Party Curaga N/A A Function of Pet MaxHP and TP - Caps at 1/8 pet MaxHP
Dipper Yuly Spiral Spin 1 Slashing Conal Accuracy Down Earth-square Scission 60 seconds
Dipper Yuly Noisome Powder 2 Enfeeble Radial Attack Down N/A 15% : 50 seconds
Dipper Yuly Sudden Lunge 1 Blunt Single Stun Lightning-square Impaction
Flowerpot Merle Head Butt 1 Blunt Single Wind-square Detonation
Flowerpot Merle Leaf Dagger 1 Slashing Single Poison Earth-square Scission 7/tic
Flowerpot Merle Wild Oats 1 Piercing Icon Single Vit Down Light-square Transfixion -9 Vit : 90 seconds
Flowerpot Merle Scream 1 Enfeeble Radial Mnd down N/A -5 MND : 50 seconds
Nursery Nazuna Lamb Chop 1 Blunt Single Crit? Lightning-square Impaction
Nursery Nazuna Sheep Charge 1 Blunt Single Knockback Water-square Reverberation
Nursery Nazuna Sheep Song 2 Enfeeble Radial Sleepga N/A
Nursery Nazuna Rage 2 Enhance Self Berserk N/A Attack +50%; Def -50%
Dapper Mac Wing Slap 1 Blunt Single Stun Dark-squareEarth-square Gravitation
Fire-square Liquefaction
Dapper Mac Beak Lunge 2 Blunt Single Knockback Earth-square Scission
Discreet Louise Frog Kick 1 Blunt Single Dark-square Compression
Discreet Louise Queasyshroom 2 Dark Trans Dark Single Poison N/A 7/tic : 60 seconds
Discreet Louise Silence Gas 3 Dark Trans Dark Conal Silence N/A 10 seconds
Discreet Louise Numbshroom 2 Dark Trans Dark Single Paralyze N/A Exclamation10% : 7.5 minutes
Discreet Louise Spore 1 Enfeeble Single Paralyze N/A Exclamation25%~33% :5 minutes
Discreet Louise Dark Spore 3 Dark Trans Dark Conal Blind N/A 2.5 minutes
Discreet Louise Shakeshroom 2 Dark Trans Dark Single Disease N/A 20 minutes
Fatso Fargann Suction 1 Blunt Single Stun Information
Fatso Fargann Drainkiss 1 Dark Trans Dark Single Absorb HP N/A
Fatso Fargann Acid Mist 2 Water Trans Water Radial Attack Down N/A 50% : 3 minutes
Fatso Fargann TP Drainkiss 3 Enfeeble Single Absorb TP N/A
Presto Julio Soporific 1 Enfeeble Radial Sleepga N/A
Presto Julio Gloeosuccus 2 Enfeeble Conal Slow N/A 33% : 3 minutes
Presto Julio Palsy Pollen 1 Enfeeble Conal Paralyze N/A Exclamation40%~50% : 3 minutes
Audacious Anna Tail Blow 1 Slashing Single Lightning-square Impaction
Audacious Anna Fireball 1 Fire Trans Fire Radial Fire Trans Fire Fire Magic Burst
Audacious Anna Blockhead 1 Blunt Single Knockback Water-square Reverberation
Audacious Anna Infrasonics 2 Enfeeble Conal Evasion Down N/A
Audacious Anna Brain Crush 1 Blunt Single Silence Fire-square Liquefaction 50 sec.
Audacious Anna Secretion 1 Enhance Self Enhances evasion N/A
Mailbuster Cetas Cursed Sphere 1 Water Trans Water Radial N/A
Mailbuster Cetas Venom 1 Enfeeble Conal Poison N/A 1/tic : 90 seconds
Faithful Falcorr Back Heel 1 Blunt Single Crit? Information
Faithful Falcorr Jettatura 3 Enfeeble Conal Terror N/A
Faithful Falcorr Choke Breath 1 Slashing Conal Paralyze & Silence Information Exclamation10% paralyze proc : 30 seconds
Faithful Falcorr Fantod 2 Enhance Self Boost N/A 4x Damage during next attack turn
Swift Sieghard Scythe Tail 1 Blunt Single Stun Fire-square Liquefaction
Swift Sieghard Ripper Fang 1 Slashing Single Ice-square Induration
Swift Sieghard Chomp Rush 3 Slashing Single Slow Dark-squareEarth-squareWater-squareIce-square Darkness
Dark-squareEarth-square Gravitation
25% : 1.75 minutes
Bugeyed Broncha Geist Wall 1 Enfeeble Radial Dispel N/A
Bugeyed Broncha Numbing Noise 1 Enfeeble Conal Stun N/A
Bugeyed Broncha Nimble Snap 1 Slashing Single Lightning-square Impaction
Bugeyed Broncha Cyclotail 1 Blunt Radial Lightning-square Impaction
Bugeyed Broncha Toxic Spit 2 Enfeeble Conal Poison N/A 24/tic : 3 minutes
Bloodclaw Shasra Chaotic Eye 1 Enfeeble Single Silence N/A 65 seconds
Bloodclaw Shasra Blaster 2 Enfeeble Single Paralyze N/A Exclamation~10% : 45 seconds
Bloodclaw Shasra Charged Whisker 2 Lightning Trans Lightning Radial N/A
Gorefang Hobs Roar 2 Enfeeble Radial Paralyze N/A Exclamation~15% proc : 55 seconds
Gorefang Hobs Razor Fang 1 Slashing Single Lightning-square Impaction
Gorefang Hobs Claw Cyclone 2 Slashing Conal Earth-square Scission
Gooey Gerard Purulent Ooze 2 Water Trans Water Conal Max HP Down & Bio Water Trans Water Water Magic Burst Max HP down is 10% : 30 seconds; Bio is 10% attack down : 60 seconds & 15/tic
Gooey Gerard Corrosive Ooze 3 Fire Trans Fire Radial Attack Down and Defense Down Fire Trans Fire Fire Magic Burst Reduces Att and Def by 33% : 65~70 seconds
Crude Raphie Tortoise Stomp 2 Blunt Radial Defense Down Information reduces defense by 25%
Crude Raphie Harden Shell 2 Enhance Self Enhances defense N/A Def + 50%
Crude Raphie Aqua Breath 3 Water Trans Water Conal Breath N/A Damage is 1100 at max hp
Droopy Dortwin Dust Cloud 1 Earth Trans Earth Conal Blind Earth Trans Earth Earth Magic Burst
Scissorleg Xerin Sensilla Blades 2 Slashing Conal Earth-square Scission
Scissorleg Xerin Tegmina Buffet 2 Slashing Radial Choke Water-squareIce-square Distortion
Wind-square Detonation
Attentive Ibuki Molting Plumage 1 Wind Trans Wind Conal Dispel Wind Trans Wind Wind Magic Burst
Attentive Ibuki Swooping Frenzy 2 Piercing Icon Conal Defense Down & Magic Defense Down Light-squareFire-square FusionWater-square Reverberation
Attentive Ibuki Pentapeck 3 Piercing Icon Single Amnesia Light-squareFire-squareLightning-squareWind-square Light
Water-squareIce-square Distortion
Caring Kiyomaro Sweeping Gouge 1 Blunt Conal Defense Down Ice-square Induration -25% DEF for 60 seconds
Caring Kiyomaro Zealous Snort 3 Enhance Self Haste, Magic Defense Bonus, Counter+, Guard+ N/A Haste+25% and Magic Defense Bonus+25

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