Recast Time is the amount of time a player must wait before casting the same spell, or using the same job ability (or ability within the same category) again.
On evoliths Recast Time is described as Ability Delay (JAs) or Recast Delay (spells).

  • Recast Time can be reduced by Haste effects or the job trait Fast Cast.
    • Gear that reads Enhances "Fast Cast" effect will lower Recast Time.
    • Gear that reads "Fast Cast"+x only affects Cast Time, not Recast Time.
  • The maximum amount that recast time can be reduced by is 50% reduction.
  • The Maximum amount that recast time can be reduced by Fast Cast is 25%
  • The actual formula takes Haste and Fast Cast as fractions expressed in the 1024 system (x% haste on a gear generally means x*10/1024)
  • New Recast = floor( [1-Haste] * truncate( [1-Fast Cast] * Recast ) )
  • The game first calculates the fast cast part (after multiplying base recast value by 1.5 to apply Hasso/Seigan penalty if present) and truncates it down to the first decimal then the calculated value is multiplied by the haste factor and then the result is floored down to nearest whole number, which means the actual recast is;
    • New Recast = floor( [1-Haste] * truncate( [1-Fast Cast] * Recast ) )
    • If Hasso or Seigan is active, it turns out to be; New Recast = floor( [1-Haste] * truncate( [1-Fast Cast] * 1.5 * Recast ) )
  • See Discussion page for related resources.

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