Start NPC Machine Outfitter - Abyssea - Konschtat
Items Needed KeyItemVat of martello fuel
KeyItemEmpty fuel vat
Title Granted None
Repeatable Yes
Reward Varying amount of Cruor, depending on "performance"
← Previous Quest Next Quest →
Of Malnourished Martellos
Rose on the Heath
A Mightier Martello (Konschtat)


The Machine Outfitter will give you a key item Vat of martello fuel to go and repair the Martellos. The martello's fuel level must be 89% or below of maximum capacity for you to be able to replenish it.

  • Choose to start replenishing.
  • Choose to replenish from the direction offered. The direction affects the reward you get.
    • Northwest recovers 100
    • East recovers 200

Game Description

Machine Outfitter (Central Command, Abyssea - Konschtat)
Regular replenishment of the martellos located throughout the Konschtat highlands is vital to the resistance effort in this area. Refuel a martello and return the empty vat to the machine outfitter when your task is complete.

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