Job Overview


Available after completing the quest I Can Hear a Rainbow, these heretic mages have unlocked the secrets of the forbidden magic of Vana'diel by creating a pact with the Avatar known as Carbuncle. Through his suggestion, these mages have the choice to delve further into the craft and create pacts with up to 12 more of the Avatars of Vana'diel after defeating them in battle to prove their worth. If accepted, Summoners are able to fight alongside them in order to bring peace to Vana'diel.

Job Abilities

Level  Name
1  Astral Flow
50  Elemental Siphon
70  Apogee
87  Mana Cede
96  Astral Conduit

Group 1 Merits

Level  Name
(75)  Avatar Phys. Accuracy
(75)  Avatar Physical Attack
(75)  Avatar Mag. Accuracy
(75)  Avatar Magical Attack
(75)  Summoning Magic Cast Time

Job Traits

Level  Name
10  Max MP Boost
15  Clear Mind
20  Resist Slow
25  Auto Refresh
30  Clear Mind II
30  Max MP Boost II
40  Resist Slow II
45  Clear Mind III
50  Max MP Boost III
60  Blood Boon
60  Clear Mind IV
60  Resist Slow III
70  Clear Mind V
70  Max MP Boost IV
75  Resist Slow IV
76  Max MP Boost V
85  Stout Servant
90  Auto Refresh II
95  Stout Servant II
96  Max MP Boost VI


Avatars can be obtained through various quests, such as obtaining the appropriate elemental tuning forks for the corresponding element or by acquiring a special Key Item (Moon Bauble and Vial of Dream Incense). Elemental Spirits can be obtained either through merchants or by defeating certain monsters that drop the scrolls (which can also be bought or sold on the Auction House). An initial MP cost is required to summon each Avatar/Elemental Spirit into this plane of existence, as well as a perpetuation cost to sustain it. The base MP costs are based on the Summoner's level (See Avatar Perpetuation Cost for details).

Important note: In Salvage all pets' stats are locked with the master's. This means if your HP is locked, for example, your pet's HP is locked as well. Using a cell to remove a lock also removes the lock from the pet. Additionally, any Atma affecting you also affect your pets.


Level  Avatar
1  Carbuncle
1  Fenrir
1  Ifrit
1  Titan
1  Leviathan
1  Garuda
1  Shiva
1  Ramuh
1  Diabolos
1  Cait Sith
75  Atomos
75  Alexander
75  Odin

Summoning Alexander or Odin requires Astral Flow to be in effect.


Level  Elemental
1  Fire Spirit
1  Ice Spirit
1  Air Spirit
1  Earth Spirit
1  Thunder Spirit
1  Water Spirit
1  Light Spirit
1  Dark Spirit

Summons Commands

Level  Command
1  Assault
1  Blood Pact: Rage
1  Blood Pact: Ward
1  Release
1  Retreat
55  Avatar's Favor

Blood Pacts

Level  Command  Type  Avatar
1  Searing Light*  Light  Carbuncle
1  Howling Moon*  Dark  Fenrir
1  Inferno*  Fire  Ifrit
1  Earthen Fury*  Earth  Titan
1  Tidal Wave*  Water  Leviathan
1  Aerial Blast*  Wind  Garuda
1  Diamond Dust*  Ice  Shiva
1  Judgment Bolt*  Lightning  Ramuh
1  Ruinous Omen*  Dark  Diabolos
1  Altana's Favor *  Light  Cait Sith
1  Healing Ruby  Light  Carbuncle
1  Punch  Blunt  Ifrit
1  Rock Throw  Blunt  Titan
1  Barracuda Dive  Slashing  Leviathan
1  Claw  Piercing Icon  Garuda
1  Axe Kick  Blunt  Shiva
1  Shock Strike  Blunt  Ramuh
1  Camisado  Blunt  Diabolos
1  Regal Scratch  Slashing  Cait Sith
5  Poison Nails  Piercing Icon  Carbuncle
5  Moonlit Charge  Blunt  Fenrir
10  Crescent Fang  Piercing Icon  Fenrir
10  Fire II  Fire  Ifrit
10  Stone II  Earth  Titan
10  Water II  Water  Leviathan
10  Aero II  Wind  Garuda
10  Blizzard II  Ice  Shiva
10  Thunder II  Lightning  Ramuh
15  Raise II  Light  Cait Sith
19  Thunderspark  Lightning  Ramuh
20  Somnolence  Dark  Diabolos
21  Lunar Cry  Dark  Fenrir
21  Rock Buster  Blunt  Titan
23  Burning Strike  Blunt  Ifrit
24  Shining Ruby  Light  Carbuncle
25  Aerial Armor  Wind  Garuda
25  Mewing Lullaby  Light  Cait Sith
26  Tail Whip  Blunt  Leviathan
28  Frost Armor  Ice  Shiva
29  Nightmare  Dark  Diabolos
30  Double Punch  Blunt  Ifrit
30  Reraise II  Light  Cait Sith
31  Rolling Thunder  Lightning  Ramuh
32  Lunar Roar  Dark  Fenrir
33  Slowga  Water  Leviathan
35  Megalith Throw  Blunt  Titan
36  Whispering Wind  Wind  Garuda
37  Ultimate Terror  Dark  Diabolos
38  Crimson Howl  Fire  Ifrit
39  Sleepga  Dark  Shiva
42  Lightning Armor  Lightning  Ramuh
Level  Command  Type  Avatar
43  Ecliptic Growl  Dark  Fenrir
44  Glittering Ruby  Light  Carbuncle
46  Earthen Ward  Earth  Titan
47  Spring Water  Water  Leviathan
48  Hastega  Wind  Garuda
49  Noctoshield  Dark  Diabolos
50  Double Slap  Blunt  Shiva
54  Ecliptic Howl  Dark  Fenrir
55  Meteorite  Light  Carbuncle
55  Eerie Eye  Light  Cait Sith
56  Dream Shroud  Dark  Diabolos
60  Fire IV  Fire  Ifrit
60  Stone IV  Earth  Titan
60  Water IV  Water  Leviathan
60  Aero IV  Wind  Garuda
60  Blizzard IV  Ice  Shiva
60  Thunder IV  Lightning  Ramuh
65  Healing Ruby II  Light  Carbuncle
65  Eclipse Bite  Slashing  Fenrir
65  Nether Blast  Dark  Diabolos
70  Flaming Crush  Blunt  Ifrit
70  Mountain Buster  Blunt  Titan
70  Spinning Dive  Slashing  Leviathan
70  Predator Claws  Slashing  Garuda
70  Rush  Blunt  Shiva
70  Chaotic Strike  Blunt  Ramuh
75 (Merit)  Meteor Strike  Fire  Ifrit
75 (Merit)  Heavenly Strike  Ice  Shiva
75 (Merit)  Wind Blade  Wind  Garuda
75 (Merit)  Geocrush  Earth  Titan
75 (Merit)  Thunderstorm  Lightning  Ramuh
75 (Merit)  Grand Fall  Water  Leviathan
75  Perfect Defense*  Light  Alexander
75  Zantetsuken*  Dark  Odin
75  Level ? Holy  Light  Cait Sith
76  Holy Mist  Light  Carbuncle
78  Lunar Bay  Dark  Fenrir
80  Night Terror  Dark  Diabolos
82  Earthen Armor  Earth  Titan
84  Tidal Roar  Water  Leviathan
86  Fleet Wind  Wind  Garuda
88  Inferno Howl  Fire  Ifrit
90  Diamond Storm  Ice  Shiva
92  Shock Squall  Lightning  Ramuh
94  Soothing Ruby  Light  Carbuncle
96  Heavenward Howl  Dark  Fenrir
98  Pavor Nocturnus  Dark  Diabolos

*These commands are only available when Astral Flow is active.

Combat Skill Ratings

 Skill Skill Ranking Cap at Level 1 Cap at Level 49 Cap at Level 99
 Staff B 5 144 398
 Club C+ 5 139 378
 Dagger E 4 124 300
 Evasion E 4 124 300

Magic Skill Ratings

 Skill Skill Ranking Cap at Level 1 Cap at Level 49 Cap at Level 99
 Summoning A- 6 150 417

See Summoner Skill Caps for a by-level breakdown of Weapon Skill limits.

Level 99/Item Level Equipment

At level 99, Avatar levels are modified by items equipped in the ammo slot as well as a select few other pieces. Through this, it's possible to get level 123 on Carbuncle and Cait Sith and level 122 on everyone else.

Armor Level
Convocaller 106
Dashavatara Sachet 113
Eminent Sachet 115
Idaraaja 117
Arasy Sachet 119
Seraphicaller 119
Campestres's Cape Avatar Level +1
Nirvana (119) Avatar Level +2
Asteria Mitts +1 Carbuncle Level +1
Lamassu Mitts +1 Cait Sith Level +1

Artifact Equipment

To see a side by side comparison of Artifact/Relic sets visit Summoner Artifact/Relic Sets Comparison.
To see a side by side comparison of Empyrean sets visit Caller's Sets Comparison.
To see a side-by-side comparison of the Item Level 109 Reforged sets visit Summoner Reforged Armor Sets
To see a side-by-side comparison of the Item Level 119 Reforged sets visit Summoner Reforged Armor Sets +1
Artifact Set
Level Artifact
30  Evoker's Torque
41 Kukulcan's Staff
52 Evoker's Spats
54 Evoker's Bracers
56 Evoker's Pigaches
58 Evoker's Doublet
60 Evoker's Horn
Artifact Set +1
Level Artifact
74 Evoker's Spats +1
74 Evoker's Bracers +1
74 Evoker's Pigaches +1
74 Evoker's Doublet +1
74 Evoker's Horn +1
Reforged Artifact Set/+1
Level Artifact
99 Convoker's Spats/+1
99 Convoker's Bracers/+1
99 Convoker's Pigaches/+1
99 Convoker's Doublet/+1
99 Convoker's Horn/+1
Relic Set
Lvl Relic
70 Smnr.'s Cape
71 Smnr.'s Spats
72 Smnr.'s Bracers
73 Smnr.'s Pigaches
74 Smnr.'s Doublet
75 Smnr.'s Horn
Relic Set +1
Lvl Relic
75 Smnr.'s Spats +1
75 Smnr.'s Bracers +1
75 Smnr.'s Pigaches +1
75 Smnr.'s Doublet +1
75 Smnr.'s Horn +1
Relic Set +2/(Aug)
Lvl Relic
90 Smnr.'s Spats +2/(Aug)
90 Smnr.'s. Bracers +2/(Aug)
90 Smnr.'s Pigaches +2/(Aug)
90 Smnr.'s Doublet +2/(Aug)
90 Summoner's Horn +2/(Aug)
Reforged Relic Set/+1
Lvl Relic
99 Glyphic Spats/+1
99 Glyphic Bracers/+1
99 Glyphic Pigaches/+1
99 Glyphic Doublet/+1
99 Glyphic Horn/+1
Empyrean Set / +1 / +2
Level Empyrean
80  Caller's Sash
81  Caller's Pigaches / +1 / +2
83  Caller's Spats / +1 / +2
84  Caller's Pendant
85  Caller's Horn / +1 / +2
87  Caller's Bracers / +1 / +2
89  Caller's Doublet / +1 / +2
90  Caller's Earring
Reforged Empyrean Set/+1
Level Relic
99 Beckoner's Pigaches / +1
99 Beckoner's Spats / +1
99 Beckoner's Horn / +1
99 Beckoner's Bracers / +1
99 Beckoner's Doublet / +1
Relic/Mythic/Empyrean Weapons
Level Relic Mythic Empyrean
75 Claustrum Nirvana
80 Claustrum (80) Nirvana (80) Hvergelmir
85 Claustrum (85) Nirvana (85) Hvergelmir (85)
90 Claustrum (90) Nirvana (90) Hvergelmir (90)
95 Claustrum (95) Nirvana (95) Hvergelmir (95)
99 Claustrum (99) Nirvana (99) Hvergelmir (99)
99-2 Claustrum (99) + Afterglow Nirvana(99) + Afterglow Hvergelmir (99) + Afterglow
119 Claustrum (119) Nirvana (119) Hvergelmir (119)
119-2 Claustrum (119) + Afterglow Nirvana(119) + Afterglow Hvergelmir (119) + Afterglow

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