A large bivalve seashell.
Stackable: 12

Other Uses

Resale Price: 28~30 gil
Guild Resale Price: 33~37 gil

Synthesis Recipes


Desynthesis Recipes


Obtained from Desynthesis

How to Obtain


Price: 84 - 320 gil
Name Location Type
Shih Tayuun Windurst Woods (H-12)
Boneworkers' Guild

Boneworkers' Guild
Open 8:00 - 23:00
Automatically restocked.

Green Thumb Moogle

Price: 144 gil
Name Location Key Item
Green Thumb Moogle Mog Garden KeyItemUragnite Youngling Memento

Chocobo Digging

Zone Abundance
Buburimu Peninsula Common
Sauromugue Champaign Uncommon
Tahrongi Canyon Common
Valkurm Dunes Very Common
Western Altepa Desert Very Rare


Zone Rarity
Korroloka Tunnel Uncommon

Despoiled From

Name Level Zone
Bight Uragnite 100 - 101 Ceizak Battlegrounds
100 - 101 Yahse Hunting Grounds


Zone Rarity
Bibiki Bay - Purgonorgo Isle Very Rare

Campaign Unions

Obtained randomly through lot in Campaign Unions

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