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Staging Points are mob-free areas in which final preparations are made for Assaults. Each Staging Point contains a Runic Portal that can be used for teleportation to the Chamber of Passage in Aht Urhgan Whitegate. If you have an Assault Order for the Staging Point you're in, you cannot exit through the gate to the connecting area (regardless of how you got there).


Name Area Map Position Sharin-Garin's notes
Azouph Isle Staging Point Caedarva Mire Map 1 K-9 The Azouph Isle staging point keeps watch over Leujaoam Sanctum. It is located to the east of Nashmau, beyond the Deadmist Marsh.
Dvucca Isle Staging Point Caedarva Mire Map 2 I-9 The Dvucca Isle staging point keeps watch over Periqia. It is located on an island to the west of Nashmau.
Halvung Staging Point Mount Zhayolm Only Map K-6 The Halvung staging point keeps watch over Lebros Caverns. It is located in the northern regions of Mount Zhayolm.
Ilrusi Atoll Staging Point Arrapago Reef Map 2 G-5 The Ilrusi Atoll staging point keeps watch over its namesake--the Ilrusi Atoll. It can be found in a rather dark cave to the north of Arrapago Reef.
Mamool Ja Staging Point Bhaflau Thickets Map 2 H-11 The Mamool Ja staging point keeps watch over the Mamool Ja Training Grounds. It is located to the west of Mamook.
Nyzul Isle Staging Point Alzadaal Undersea Ruins Nyzul Isle J-8/J-9 None

Game Description

Staging points are used to keep surveillance on Assault areas. There are several in the areas of West Aht Urhgan.

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