Job Trait Overview

  • Game Description: Storm-type spells grant a bonus to attributes associated with their element.
  • Job Traits are always active.
  • Each subsequent upgrade increases bonus value by 1.
  • Initial bonus value for all storm-spell except Voidstorm is +3.
  • For Voidstorm, all values are halved. Initial bonus for Voidstorm is 1.5 (rounded down) instead of 3 and each additional merit adds 0.5 points instead of 1.
    • At level 1 Stormsurge, attribute bonus is 1 (1.5 rounded down), at level 2 it is (1.5+0.5)= 2 points. The effect caps at 3.5 attribute points at level 5 Stormsurge or 3 points bonus rounded down. A player not seeking to cap Stormsurge can stop at level 4 Stormsurge for +6 individual attribute bonuses and +3 Voidstorm bonus. At level 5, Voidstorm attribute bonus will still remain at 3 points, though the individual attribute bonus will now be +7.
  • Firestorm = STR
  • Rainstorm = MND
  • Windstorm = AGI
  • Hailstorm = INT
  • Thunderstorm = DEX
  • Sandstorm = VIT
  • Aurorastorm = CHR
  • Voidstorm = All Attributes receive +1 (max 3)
  • The attribute stats can be passed on to party members via single-target cast, or from the use of the stratagem, Accession.


  • Obtained: Scholar Level 75 Merit Group 2

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