• Temenos - Eastern Tower is a subsection of the Temenos zone in the Limbus region.
  • It is reached via the Teleport-Holla crag entrance to Al'Taieu.
  • Cosmo-Cleanse and White Card key items are required for entry.
  • Each level has 4 Elementals, each of which drops an Armoury Crate and occasionally an Ancient Beastcoin.
    • They drop one Time chest (15 minutes), one Restore chest, and 2 Items chests.
      • One of the Items chests is fake, and contains a Mystic Avatar of the appropriate element.
      • Opening a chest causes the remaining Elementals and the other types of chest to disappear, and also opens the gate to the next level.
      • If you are going for time, open the Time chest as soon as it drops and proceed to the next level.
      • If you are going for items, wait until both Items chests drop and then open one. By doing this, if you pop a Mystic Avatar, you will still be able to get the real item chest after the avatar is dead.
      • Opening two Time chests is typical.
  • All Elementals seem to be immune to Silence.
  • Elementals do not have the same physical damage reduction as normal elementals. They do reduce physical damage to a degree, but it is not enough to make melee virtually useless.
  • All Elementals have a Fast cast estimated to be about Fast Cast III equivalent.
  • Elementals have roughly 50% magic damage resistance, whereas the Avatars take full damage.
  • The Avatars' Astral Flow attacks can be Stunned, or a Barspell plus Carol makes them weak.
    • Also, if the avatar is at the bottom of one of the tall ramps on some of the levels, players at the top of the ramp will not be hit by Astral Flow.
    • If an Avatar is out, different chests can not be opened until the Avatar is defeated.
    • A Mystic Avatar is stronger than a Prime Avatar but has much fewer HP
    • A Mystic Avatar has approximately 5000 HP.
    • The Mystic Avatar is immune to sleep.
  • Drops AF+1 materials for: BLM, BRD, BST, COR, DNC, DRG, DRK, PLD, PUP, RDM, RNG, SAM, THF.
  • Typical Ancient Beastcoin yield: 50+
  • Reward for completion: Scarlet Chip
  • Cleared with PLD, THF, DRK, RDM, BLM and WHM taking 4 time chests and with 10 minutes left
  • Cleared with RDM and 3x BLM with 5 minutes remaining. Took four time chests, two item chests from which one was a Mystic Avatar.
  • Cleared with WAR/NIN, DRK/NIN, DNC/NIN, WHM/SMN, taking 3 time chests, 4 item chests, 5 minutes to spare.
  • Cleared with PLD/NIN, DRK/NIN, RNG/NIN, RDM/NIN, WHM/NIN: 3 time chests, 4 item chests (one Mystic Avatar), 10 minutes to spare.
  • Cleared with BLU/NIN, RDM/SCH and BRD/WHM all 85. Very easy.
  • Cleared with WAR/SAM and WHM/SMN 90, only opening time and restore chests. Easy.
  • Cleared with PUP/DNC solo, opened 1 time chest, 2 HP/MP chests, and others were items. Super easy, never hit orange HP.
  • Easily soloed without time extensions as an iLevel 119 Monk/Dancer. Barely requires more healing than Chakra.

Drop Chart

Item (Job) Floor 1 Floor 2 Floor 3 Floor 4 Floor 5 Floor 6 Floor 7
Benedict Silk (WHM) Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Brilliantine (SCH) Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Cbl. Myth. Sheet (DRG) Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Warning(4.2%) Warning(7.4%) Unknown
Chameleon Yarn (RNG) Warning(16.1%) Unknown Warning(4.2%) Warning(41.7%) Warning(16.7%) Unknown Warning(6.7%)
Coiled Yarn (BRD) Unknown Unknown Warning(4.2%) Unknown Unknown Warning(7.4%) Unknown
Dark Orichalcum (DRK) Warning(6.5%) Unknown Unknown Warning(20.8%) Warning(20.8%) Unknown Warning(10%)
Diabolic Silk (BLM) Warning(9.7%) Warning(36.7%) Unknown Unknown Unknown Warning(25.9%) Warning(23.3%)
Ecarlate Cloth (WAR) Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Filet Lace (DNC) Warning(3.2%) Unknown Unknown Warning(4.2%) Warning(45.8%) Warning(37%) Warning(6.7%)
Glittering Yarn (SMN) Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Luminian Thread (BLU) Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Pantin Wire (PUP) Warning(19.4%) Unknown Warning(29.2%) Warning(20.8%) Unknown Unknown Warning(33.3%)
Plaited Cord (NIN) Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Ruby Silk Thread (RDM) Unknown Warning(3.3%) Warning(4.2%) Unknown Warning(4.2%) Unknown Unknown
Scarlet Odoshi (SAM) Unknown Unknown Warning(8.3%) Warning(4.2%) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Silkworm Thread (COR) Unknown Warning(6.7%) Unknown Warning(8.3%) Unknown Warning(11.1%) Unknown
Smalt Leather (BST) Warning(19.4%) Warning(13.3%) Unknown Unknown Unknown Warning(33.3%) Warning(20%)
Snowy Cermet (PLD) Warning(19.4%) Warning(33.3%) Warning(62.5%) Unknown Unknown Unknown Warning(10%)
Supple Skin (THF) Unknown Unknown Warning(8.3%) Warning(16.7%) Warning(8.3%) Warning(7.4%) Unknown
Ut. Gold Thread (MNK) Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Metal Chip - - - - - - Warning(6.7%)

First Floor


Second Floor

  • Enemies: Ice Elemental x4
  • Patrol back and forth between the center of the room and outside edges of the middle section of the room.
    • Can be pulled without linking if pulled when its on the outside edge (as shown on map).
  • The Items chest has 5-8 Ancient Beastcoins and 1-2 AF+1 item (BLM, SAM, RNG, PLD, SMNExclamation, DRG, RDM, DRK, BRD, COR, BST, ?)
  • A Mystic Avatar Shiva may spawn when opening a chest. Avatar is capable of using Diamond Dust as well as other Shiva Blood Pacts.

Third Floor


Fourth Floor


Fifth Floor


Sixth Floor


Seventh Floor

  • Enemies: Dark Elemental x2
    • Additional Effect: Curse
    • Can be Carby-pulled
    • Immune to dark based sleep (Both Yawn and Sheep Song Stuck)
    • Once both have been defeated, 2 chests will then pop in the middle of the room.
  • A Mystic Avatar Fenrir may spawn when opening a chest. Avatar is capable of using Howling Moon as well as other Fenrir Blood Pacts.
  • The final chest has 7 Ancient Beastcoins, 1 AF+1 item (PLD, RNG, DRK, BLM, BST, PUP, DNC, ?) and the Scarlet Chip, as well as a chance for a Metal Chip.

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