Start NPC Ratihb - Aht Urhgan Whitegate (J-12)
Items Needed Lamian Fang Key, Bag of Gold Pieces
Title Granted None
Repeatable No
Reward Random Ring


Aht Urhgan Whitegate > Silver Sea route to Nashmau:

  • Talk to Ratihb for a cutscene Balajaha and Yadhiwa (after starting the Luck of the Draw quest).
  • Talk to Ekhu Pesshyadha in H-6 for another cutscene with Yadhiwa. You can choose to gamble with Yadhiwa or not. If you do, you can wager Love, Dreams or Hope, but she always wins.
  • Take the ferry to Nashmau.

Nashmau > Caedarva Mire > Arrapago Reef:

  • Talk to Jijiroon in (H-8) for another cutscene. You gamble again with Yadhiwa, this time you can wager Courage, Passion, or Innocence. She wins again.
    • NOTE: Before you leave Nashmau, ensure you have a good supply of Echo Drops for the NM fight.
  • Take the North exit to Caedarva Mire, and then the (I-6) zone into Arrapago Reef map 1.
  • Obtain a Lamian Fang Key and open the first Iron Gate @ J-10.
    • Travel over the Corsair ??? quest ship and travel down onto land; cross over two bridges and you'll be on the West shore (G-10) (West of the Puppetmaster ??? quest ship).
    • Travel West to F-10 and cross two more bridges; the first bridge is the start of Arrapago Reef map 2 (K-11).
  • "The Die Is Cast" quest ??? is @ K-10 at the water's edge on map 2 of Arrapago Reef. [1].
    • >>Caution!<< If Bukki (Imp) is already out and hovering over the ???, wait for it to disappear before you approach the ???.
    • You will need to check the ??? three (3) times:
  1. Check the ??? for a cutscene with Yadhiwa and an Imp. She will ask for your help. (Wait for everyone who needs this cutscene to finish viewing it before continuing.)
  2. Check the ??? to spawn Bukki (Imp) (Checks as Impossible to Gauge; but approximately level 70).
  3. Check the ??? again after the NM is defeated for another cutscene with Yadhiwa; you will receive key item: Bag of Gold Pieces. Return to Aht Urhgan Whitegate.

NM Battle Notes:

  • To avoid low HP aggro from the undead nearby, fight at the ??? area - near the water's edge.
  • Ensure you cast buffs before spawning Bukki as it will use Deafening Tantara(AOE Silence) immediately and frequently during the battle. Echo Drops is a must for everyone who casts spells (including NIN/??? and ???/NIN).
  • Bukki uses Manafont.
  • Low damage dealing capability for an imp, but high damage resistance among its family.
  • Easily soloed by 77 BLU/NIN. Bear in mind that he does not take as much damage as Heraldic Imps, so be more conservative with MP than you would if soloing those.
  • Solo-able by PLD/WAR.
  • Solo-able by PLD/DNC. Used Koenig Gear for CHR-driven Waltz healing. Bukki never used Amnesia; I was free to use my Dancer Curing Waltz II & Healing Waltz anytime TP was available. Never used Echo Drops or Refresh drinks. This fight was created before there was a Dancer. Easy fight until below 15%HP on Bukki; then Manafont IV & -aga spells as well as Frenetic Rip, dumping all my TP & MP into keeping my HP up to survive each spell. This is when to use Sentinel, Rampart, & Shield Bash the -aga.
  • When Bukki gets low on HP, it will begin to spam Frenetic Rip. (May NOT Use provided its horn doesn't break)

Aht Urhgan Whitegate:

  • Talk to Ratihb again for final cutscene with Balajaha to complete the quest; you'll receive a Random Ring as a reward.

Game Description

Ratihb (Shararat Teahouse, Aht Urhgan Whitegate)
Yadhiwa cheated Balajaha out of a large sum of money. Help him get back the gold he lost to her crafty devices.

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