Start NPC Bluffnix - Lower Jeuno (H-9)
Requirements Jeuno Reputation 2
Items Needed Dhalmel Leather
Steel Ingot
Linen Cloth
Goblin Stew 880
Title Granted None
Repeatable No
Reward Gobbiebag and Mog Satchel capacity increased to 35 slots
Mog Sack capacity increased to 35 slots (must speak to an Artisan Moogle after completion)
← Previous Quest Next Quest →
None The Gobbiebag Part II


Game Description

Bluffnix (Muckvix's Junk Shop, Lower Jeuno)
Bluffnix promises to enlarge your pack if you bring him the following: some Dhalmel Leather, a Steel Ingot, a square of Linen Cloth, and a Peridot.

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