Start NPC Thunder Hawk - Selbina (G-9)
Requirements Selbina/Rabao Reputation
Items Needed Quadav Charm
Title Granted Honorary Citizen of Selbina
Repeatable No
Reward Map of the Ranguemont Pass


Beadeaux Map


  • Head to Beadeaux (I-8).
    • Note: If you check the ???, it says "A piece of parchment has been nailed here." If you select "Yes." to the choice whether to read the parchment or not, it reads: Mrahcva dauqe htsi yekllec eht. Vada uqons naem dnuos on. Read backwards (and respaced,) it translates to: "The cell key is the quadav charm. No sound means no quadav."

Game Description

Thunder Hawk (Mayor's Residence, Selbina)
Rescue two merchants from captivity. They should be somewhere in the Quadav camp of Beadeaux.

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