Mission Name The Temple of Uggalepih
Number ZM4
Level 60+
Title Granted Bearer of the Wisewoman's Hope
Items Needed KeyItemSacrificial Chamber Key
KeyItemPaintbrush of Souls (One member)
Unlit LanternRareExclusive (1-4)
Rancor FlameRareExclusive x4
Reward KeyItemDark Fragment
Repeatable Only to help others
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Kazham's Chieftainess Headstone Pilgrimage


If you have the Den of Rancor Home Point #1, you can skip straight to the fight.

Temple of Uggalepih

Unlit Lanterns

Traveling to the Den of Rancor

  • Once you have at least one Unlit LanternRareExclusive, go back to the main entrance and enter the Temple again.
  • Optional: On the first map, head down to (F-11) and open the secret door to reset Tonberry hate.
    • You must have completed the quest Everyone's Grudge to be able to reset Tonberry Hate here.
    • After this point, if you have to kill any Tonberries, you can use Call for Help to prevent hate accumulation.
  • Head to (F-5) to enter Yhoator Jungle, and reenter the temple at (H-11).
  • Once in the temple, head to (I-10) and defeat the Temple Guardian.
  • Be sure to stun Meltdown.
  • Killing the Temple Guardian opens the door it guards.
  • Once through, head northward to (I-7). There is a room with a bunch of paintings and two empty frames.
  • Have the member with the KeyItemPaintbrush of Souls go to the empty frame on the east wall, face it directly, and examine it.
    • Once you get the "a new painting begins to appear on the canvas" message, wait at least 30 seconds before hitting Enter to get the next message.
    • If anything happens to the player using the paintbrush during the 30 seconds, you have to start over, so don't let them get aggro, and don't cast spells on them.
  • Once the door is open, run in and enter the Den of Rancor.

Den of Rancor


Den of Rancor 1


Den of Rancor 2

Temple of Uggalepih Composite

Composite Map

  • Invisible and Sneak everyone in the party and go to (E-5) on the first map.
  • Clear the room and have people with the unlit lanterns trade them to the Altar of Rancor to get a Rancor FlameRareExclusive.
    • WARNING! VERY IMPORTANT! There are other Altars in the Den, but *only* the one at E-5 on the first map gives the Rancor Flame that you need to access the Sacrificial Chamber. If you trade your lanterns to the wrong Altar (the ones that give the Crimson RancorRareExclusive or the Blue RancorRareExclusive), without other players possessing lanterns lit with Rancor Flames to get through a separate gated area on Map 3, it will be impossible to get rid of the incorrect flame -- in this case, you'll need to drop your lit lanterns and farm new unlit ones.
  • If you chose to come here to get Unlit LanternsRareExclusive, you can find Tonberry Imprecators in the first room you come upon after entering from Temple of Uggalepih.
  • Drop through the hole in the northeast corner of (F-7), taking you to map 2.
  • On the second map, go to (E-5).
    • It is recommended to clear this room because you can't light the lanterns while invisible, or getting hit.
  • To open the gate, have each person with a Rancor FlameRareExclusive light one of the four lanterns by trading their Rancor FlameRareExclusive to it. You will still have the Unlit LanternRareExclusive after using the Rancor Flame, in case you need to help other people at another time.
  • If you have more than six people going through this, keep in mind that the gate can be opened from the inside by having someone to target the switch and press it.
  • If you have less than 4 people, you have time to go back to Altar of Rancor to get a new flames. Lights won't disappear.
  • If you get aggro after this, the entrance to the Sacrificial Chamber is a short run past the gate.
  • It should be noted that when all 4 lights are lit, the entrance to the Sacrificial Chamber only remains open for a few seconds. Afterwards, all 4 lights extinguish and the gate closes. Those who need to access the Sacrificial Chamber must pass through the entrance while the 4 lights are lit or risk having to relight them all over again.

Sacrificial Chamber

  • After entering the Sacrificial Chamber, examine the Mahogany Door to enter the Battlefield.
    • The battlefield is capped at level 99 and limited to six players. Buffs wear upon entry (including Reraise), but Experience Points are not lost.
  • There are three Tonberry NMs. All three must be defeated to clear the battlfield. The recommended order in which to kill them is:
  • The Thief is completely immune to sleep, so you'll probably want to kill it while you Silence and/or Sleep the other two NMs.
  • The Summoner comes with a pet; a fire, water, or light elemental, chosen at random. It dies when its master does, so it need not be killed. The element of the pet is not an indication of which Astral Flow the Summoner will choose to use later in the fight.
  • At approximately 25% HP, the Thief may use Everyone's Rancor. The person this hits is liable to be K.O.'d in one shot if they have not recently reset their Tonberry hate.
  • The Summoner summons a random avatar for Astral Flow even if its elemental is asleep, so make sure your party is healed before waking it up. The maximum damage done by Astral Flow is approximately 700-800 without Shell or any sort of magical protection.
  • This fight can be completed solo by most jobs at 99 and is easily duoed. '(see testimonials)'
  • Clearing the battlefield gives a cutscene and places you in a different location from the entrance of the Sacrificial Chamber. Following this path leads back into Temple of Uggalepih away from the entrance to the Den.
  • After the cutscene you will obtain a KeyItemDark Fragment, for use in the next mission.
  • If you're doing this for the Rhapsodies of Vana'diel prerequisite, you can now continue with that mission line.


See the Video page.

Game Description

Mission Orders
The Temple of Uggalepih is an ancient place where it is said that evil deities were once worshiped. Gilgamesh has ordered you to travel there and search out a strange, old hermit.

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