Start NPC Magian Moogle - Ru'Lude Gardens (H-5)
Requirements Level 75
Items Needed Peeler
Reward Dakini
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None Trial 17 (Light Path)

Trial 42 (Dark Path)


Defeat 50 monsters of the rabbit family.*

  • Killing rabbits during weather will gain you 5 points per rabbit. Allowing you to only have to kill 10 rabbits.

Must be during any weather effect except clear. Fire iconEarth iconWater iconWind iconIce iconTrans LightningTrans LightTrans Dark
Peeler must be equipped.

Suggested Areas

  • Uleguerand Range(Ice Weather)
    • This place has frequent Ice weather(weather in effect more than not in effect) and a large supply of rabbits. There are a lot of EP rabbits towards the entrance.. The Tigers can be quite bothersome in this area, however, and if the first area is over-camped you can follow the right wall and hunt the DC rabbits that spawn around (K-11)
  • The Boyahda Tree(Thunder / Water Weather)
    • This place has frequent Water and Thunder weather as well as access to a room not to far in filled with rabbits. Because of the high density of rabbits and their lack of Wild Carrot, this may be a more attractive option.
  • Cape Teriggan(Fire / Wind Weather)
    • This place has an ok rate on fire and wind weather if you want to gain some EXP while you kill this is the place to go,you can camp page 1 while weather is down or camp the rabbits near the OP.

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