Trial Weapon refers to a weapon that is used to unlock a new Weapon Skill for that class of weapon. These trial weapons are obtained through quests that were introduced with the Rise of the Zilart expansion and can be opened by players possessing the prerequisite job and Combat Skill for the weapon they wish to obtain.

These weapons have a Latent Effect which is active until 300 Weapon Skill Points have been accumulated using the weapon. Once this latent has been "broken", the weapon can be exchanged for a key item that will allow the player to pop an NM that will grant them access to a new Weapon Skill upon defeat and completion of the quest.

There are 14 Trial Weapons, one for each weapon category (except Throwing weapons, which have no weapon skills):

Weapon Category Weapon Quest Weapon Skill
Archery Bow of Trials From Saplings Grow Empyreal Arrow
Axe Pick of Trials Axe the Competition Decimation
Club Club of Trials Orastery Woes Black Halo
Dagger Dagger of Trials Cloak and Dagger Evisceration
Great Axe Axe of Trials The Weight of Your Limits Steel Cyclone
Great Katana Tachi of Trials The Potential Within Tachi: Kasha
Great Sword Sword of Trials Inheritance Ground Strike
Hand-to-Hand Knuckles of Trials The Walls of Your Mind Asuran Fists
Katana Kodachi of Trials Bugi Soden Blade: Ku
Marksmanship Gun of Trials Shoot First, Ask Questions Later Detonator
Polearm Spear of Trials Methods Create Madness Impulse Drive
Scythe Scythe of Trials Souls in Shadow Spiral Hell
Staff Pole of Trials Blood and Glory Retribution
Sword Sapara of Trials Old Wounds Savage Blade

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