Start NPC Ulamaal - Aht Urhgan Whitegate (K-12)
Items Needed Several Sickles
KeyItemRainbow Berry
Repeatable No
Reward Imperial Silver Piece
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Delivering the Goods A Taste of Honey


  • Talk to Ulamaal (K-12) for a cutscene (you must wait until after Japanese Midnight zone after completing Delivering the Goods).
  • Talk to Fochacha in the Serpentking Square (I-9) for another cutscene.
  • Visit the Alchemy Guild (F-5) for a cutscene with Fochacha's son, Topok-Hippok.
  • Obtain a few Sickles (in case of breaks) and head out to Wajaom Woodlands. Locate a Harvesting Point and harvest from the point until you get a KeyItemRainbow Berry.
    • Some Harvesting Points can be found at (E-8/9, H-10 and H-13)
    • Don't restrict your search to this location. You may want to take a chocobo.
      • You must drop Invisible to harvest. Take care around sight aggro monsters.
    • A useful strategy is to harvest with your inventory full so that the harvesting point doesn't get used up, but you can still harvest the key item.
  • Return to Ulamaal or Qutiba for a cutscene and an Imperial Silver Piece.

Game Description

Ulamaal, Qutiba (Shararat's Teahouse, Aht Urhgan Whitegate)
The leader of the "Epicureans" has been missing ever since saying he was going to the port. Where could he have gone...?

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