Requirements:   Level 70 or higher.
  Monsters:   Entombed Yanthu x3
  Scorched Yanthu x3
  Glaciated Yanthu x3
  Electrified Yanthu x3
  Boss:   Sin
  Reward:   Information





  Lunette Ring
  Engulfer Cape
  Nefarious Collar
  Elder's Grip
  Nomkahpa Mittens


  Liminal Residue
  Gold Beastcoin
  Darksteel Ingot
  Mythril Ore


Only Mingyi must be defeated to win the battlefield. A sac pull is necessary in order to reach him.

Historical Background

The names of the bosses derive from Burmese chess.

Min-gyi (king): equivalent to a chess king; it can move one step in any direction.

Sit-ke (general): equivalent to a chess queen; it can move one step in any diagonal direction (as fers in shatranj).

Sin (elephant): equivalent to a chess bishop; it can move one step in any diagonal direction or one step forward (as silver general in shogi).

Myin (horse): equivalent to a chess knight; it can jump two horizontal squares and one vertical square or two vertical squares and one horizontal square, as in Western chess.

Yahhta (chariot): equivalent to a chess rook; it can move to any number of free squares along four orthogonal directions.

Nè (feudal lord): equivalent to a chess pawn; it can move one step forward but cannot retreat; it captures as in Western chess.

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